Important: If you are a current UTC student, access your online invoice approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the beginning of the term for a precise tuition and fee assessment based upon your specific academic program, student level, course level and actual course and credit enrollment. This tool provides an estimate only.

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A year at college typically has 2 semesters Fall and Spring. Students choseing to take more may attend the Summer semester. There is no winter semester, but fall and spring take those months.

Tuition Estimator (1 Semester)

(For 2014-2015 year, includes summer 2015)
Student Status


Is the student's home address in Tennessee? Does the student qualify as a Tennessee state resident? Then that student would be an In-state student and the state of Tennessee covers their tuition costs. Students not from Tennessee are considered Out-of-State and need to pay tuition. This has nothing to do with whether the student lives on campus in a residence hall. There are a few very narrowly defined exceptions for special cases. Some North Georgia and Jackson County (AL) residents that already have 60 hours of college credit are eligible for a Regional Tuition Discount, read about it here. Also some US military stationed in TN, or full time employees in Tennessee taking 11 or fewer hours, may be eligible for the In-state rate, read about it here. If you like reading legal documents, you can read this.


Class Standing

Undergraduate college students are working towards a standard college Bachelors or Associates Degree. Graduate students are working towards an advanced degree past Bachelors, such as Masters or Doctors degree.

Class Types and Credit Hours

How will you take your class hours?

Traditionally, students come to UTC's campus and take classes seated in a classroom with a teacher in front. However, students may choose to take UTC classes online, entirely through the internet. Also, some hybrid classes may be offered, that are mostly online, but do have some in-person sessions. Such hybrid classes are considered to be online classes for fee purposes. Some students may decide to take a mixture of both seated classes and online/hybrid classes. Because the fees for each are different, this estimator needs to know how many hours of each type.

Class hours are the traditional way of measuring a course. If a class is expected to meet for 3 hours a week during the semester then it is said to be a 3 hour course. A student taking 4 classes, each being a 3 hour course, is taking a 12 hour class load.

A student is considered to be a full time student when their class load reaches 12 hours for an undergraduate student and 9 hours for a graduate student.


Which UTC Campus?

Seated students are generally categorized onto the C (Chattanooga) campus. There are a handful of online majors that are specifically designed for online students placing them in the D (Distance) campus. However, all others students are in the C (Chattanooga) campus.

Housing, Meals and Parking

Meal Plans

All UTC students living on campus (in a residence hall) are required to purchase a meal plan. Students NOT living in a residence hall have less costly options available only to them, and are not required to purchase a meal plan. In this case, residence applies to living on campus, and has nothing to do with a student's home address before UTC.



A parking permit is required to park at UTC. Different Parking areas have different costs associated with them.

Specific Class Fees

Specific class fees

Certain classes have extra Course fees, or Curriculum fees, or Differential fees. If you know what courses you are taking in a term, then you can use this section to make your term estimate more accurate by accounting for these fees.


Practicum fees

Every 5000 level (graduate school) Health and Human Performance class has an additional practicum fee.

Cost Estimates for One Semester

×Semester: A year at college typically has 2 semesters Fall and Spring. Students choseing to take more may attend the Summer semester. There is no winter semester, but fall and spring take those months.
×Maintenance Fees: Every Student pays for certain fees according to how many class hours they are taking. And there are some flat fees that are the same regardless of how many hours a student takes. The primary fee is Maintenance, and the others are the Athletics fee, Health fee, Green fee, Library fee, Facilities fee, Transportation fee, Program and Service fee, Debt Service fee and the Tech fee. Online students pay the Tech fee, Library fee, and the Online support fee.
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×Tuition Fees: Tennessee residents do not pay tuition. Tuition is generally required for non-Tennessee resident students based on course hours. For more explanation, click on the symbol next to Residency at the top of this page.
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×Estimated Total: Do not let this number frighten you. Most students are eligible for financial aid, scholarships, and a payment plan. Please contact the Financial Aid department, the Scholarships office, and the Bursar to help you.
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