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Message from Chancellor Steve Angle

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The UTC leadership team has been communicating with the campus about short and long-term budget challenges for the past few months.  The UTC Vision 2025 – Achieving Excellence budget revision process was finalized on October 15th and calls for a 4.75% reallocation of our overall budget, which represents approximately $5.5 million.  The overall goals of this process are to mobilize our resources to achieve excellence and to look at how we can do business in a more effective, efficient and entrepreneurial manner. 

This budget process is not a negative reflection on UTC’s health as a university; rather it represents a transitional period for all of higher education.  Developments in technology, the creation of the Tennessee Promise which provides community college education at no cost to graduating high school seniors, and the need to show that we are wise stewards of state and tuition dollars all present new challenges for Tennessee’s universities. 

A UT system analysis shows that given the expectations for tuition increases and state funding we can anticipate a system-wide budget shortfall of $155 million by 2025; for UTC the amount is projected to be $11.6 million.  UTC is also facing a current budget shortfall of approximately $1.1 million caused by the fall 2014 decrease of student FTE (full time equivalent) by 147.1. 

We are not in a crisis, but we do see rough times ahead.  We have the opportunity to plan and make thoughtful decisions.  We are well positioned to take advantage of all of the changes going on around us.  Standing still is not an option, we must move forward, striving for excellence in all that we do.  If any university is poised to define success for public higher education in the United States it is the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. We are in the best mid-sized city in the country, in a region of Tennessee that is a hub of innovation and economic activity. 

Budget discussions naturally make people apprehensive, but I want to stress that this will be a transparent and inclusive process and one in which I hope each member of the UTC community will participate. 

The entire budget process will conclude in early April.  To facilitate the free exchange of ideas and opinions, a comment form link has been created and is available on this webpage to the right of this message. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

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