The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

University Planning and Resources Advisory Council


Co-Chairs: Drs. Jerald Ainsworth & Richard Brown


Dr. Steve Angle

Senior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs

Dr. Jerald Ainsworth

Executive Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations, & IT

Dr. Richard Brown

Vice Chancellor, Development & Alumni Affairs

Dr. Bryan Rowland

Vice Chancellor, Student Development

Dr. John Delaney

Vice Chancellor, Research

Dr. Joanne Romagni

Vice Chancellor, Director of Athletics

Mr. David Blackburn

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Jeff Elwell

Dean, College of Business

Dr. Robert Dooley

Interim Dean, College of Engineering & Computer Science

Dr. Nesli Alp

Dean, College of Health, Education & Professional Studies

Dr. Valerie Rutledge

Dean, Honors College

Dr. Linda Frost

Dean, Library

Ms. Theresa Liedtka

Associate Provost, Student Learning Outcomes, Assessment, & Accreditation

Dr. David Rausch

Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Tom Hoover

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services

Mr. Yancy Freeman

President, Faculty Senate

Dr. Susan Davidson

Chair, Graduate Council

Dr. Tammy Garland

Chair, Council of Academic Department Heads

Dr. Pam Ashmore

Chair, Employee Relations Committee

Ms. Anna Lane

Chair, Exempt Staff Council

Ms. Tonia Martin

President, Student Government Association

Ms. Hanna Turcotte

President, Graduate Student Association

Ms. Shikha Patel


Chief of Staff, Chancellor

Ms. Terry Denniston

Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor, Budget and Finance

Ms. Vanasia Parks

Associate Vice Chancellor, Communications & Marketing

Mr. Chuck Cantrell

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Development

Dr. Dee Dee Anderson

Director, Budget & Finance

Mr. Tyler Forrest

Director of Business Operations, Academic Affairs

Ms. Deborah Hyde

Director, Equity and Diversity

Dr. Bryan Samuel