We want a UTC education to offer the best possible experience for our students to prepare them for the competitive global career market they will enter and to open doors upon graduation.

archaeology field school students cataloging artifacts
physical therapist working with ballet dancer
biology teacher and student collecting aquatic species

Offering more collaborative and active learning experiences provide a distinctive focus on student success. Such Bridges Beyond the Classroom to real time application expose our students to networking and portfolio-building experiences that cannot be achieved solely in a classroom or laboratory. We ask you to participate in a campus and community-wide conversation to focus student learning in every aspect of life related to UTC’s campus. 

There are many bridges for UTC students to cross—the bridge from an interest in a subject to mastering a discipline. Bridges from classroom learning to problem solving with real impact. Bridges that connect UTC to our community. We already engage students in applying classroom knowledge to real world solutions as part of the university's strategic plan.