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Joshua Ryan
Biology, Geology and Environmental Science
B.S. Environmental Science; University of Scranton, 2015
  210 Holt

Degree Tract: Internship

Advisor: Dr. David Aborn

Research Interests: My main interests are freshwater stream ecology, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to land management practices. I am currently interning with the National Park Service and working on a project identifying crayfish species in the South Chickamauga Creek basin focusing on relationships between water quality, habitat, and relative abundance.

Interesting Facts about Joshua: I am an avid outdoorsman who loves fishing, kayaking, mountain biking and Phish.



Ryan J. & Smith R. 2015. An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Invertebrate Biomass in Lackawanna State Park. Poster presented at the University of Scranton, Celebration of Student Scholars, Scranton, PA.