Profile photo of Sean Jones
Sean Jones
Graduate Student
Biology, Geology & Environmental Science
B.S. Geology; University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Degree Tract: Learned Discourse

Advisor: Dr. Thomas Wilson

Research Interests: I am interested in water quality and quantity. Currently, I am researching methods of analysis of atmospheric metal deposition in lacustrine environments from anthropic origins. This pollution is related to low air quality that was exhibited in the Chattanooga area for many years in the 20th century, due to the geography of the region and the steel indusutry that was located in the immediate area.



Jones , Sean M, and Amy Brock-Hon. Provenance Study of Paleochannel Gravels and Cobbles from Mormon Mesa and the Virgin Mountains, Nevada . University of Tennessee at Chattanooga , Aug. 2019.

Jones , Sean M. Field and Stratigraphic Study of Great Smoky Group Strata Exposed on Fort Mountain Along Highway 52, Murray and Gilmer Counties, Ga . University of Tennessee at Chattanooga , May 2019.