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Conrad Blunck
Biology, Geology and Environmental Science
B.S. Biology; Birmingham-Southern College, 2011

Degree Tract: Internship

Advisor: Dr. Hill Craddock

Research Interests: My general interest is in intensive agroforestry, specifically in silvopasture. With climate change forcing a paradigm shift in agriculture, I’m interested in the ability of nut-centered agriculture to not only endure changing environmental conditions, but also mitigate various negative aspects of agriculture through carbon sequestration in trees and decreased soil erosion compared to annual cropping systems. Concurrent with this interest is developing an economy around nut production that meets the triple bottom line of business, namely that it is financially feasible for landowners, environmentally sustainable, and socially just to those people that work the land.

Presentations: Blunck, C., and R.S. Duncan. 2011. Slope-Dependent Tree Distribution and Mortality in a Montane Longleaf Pine Ecosystem. Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama. Association of Southeastern Biologists 72nd Annual Meeting. U.A. Huntsville, Huntsville, AL.

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