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Megon Stepaniuk
Graduate Student
Biology, Geology & Environmental Science
B.S. Biology; Univeristy of Tennessee at Chattanooga 2018

Degree Tract: Thesis


Advisor: Dr. Joey Shaw


Research Interests: I am interested in studying succession ecology and biodiversity of power line right-of-ways. Prairie/grassland habitats have become increasingly rare due to fire suppression and tree encroachment, and power companies like TVA have unintentionally brought theses habitats back in their power line cuts. I’m currently conducting a floristic study of these right-of-ways compared to their surrounding forests to compare the large difference in biodiversity.



Stepaniuk, M., J Harry and J. Shaw. 2019. Repairing and digitizing Southern Adventist University's herbarium collection. Presented at UTC Research Dialogues. April 9-10, 2019; Chattanooga, TN.