Profile photo of Jordan Allen [née Francis]
Jordan Allen [née Francis]
Graduate Student
Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science
Fisheries & Wildlife Science, University of Georgia, 2017
  102 Collins Classroom Annex

Degree Tract: Thesis

Advisor: Dr. Timothy Gaudin

Research Interests: I am interested in human-wildlife interactions via anthropogenic effects on wildlife species and habitat. By delving into these interactions, I hope to find ways to decrease negative effects, increase public awareness, and push conservation of important species and habitats. Namely, I am focusing on the effects of water quality and pollution in the Tennessee River basin as it relates to river otters (Lontra canadensis), indicator species native to the area.

Presentations: Francis J.N., James B. Deemy, Todd C. Rasmussen. A conceptual model demonstrating experiential learning, watershed education, and volunteer research using campus stream and Lake Herrick. Paper presented at: Georgia Water Resources Conference; 16 April 2017; Athens, GA.