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Dr. Margaret Kovach
UC Foundation Professor
Biology, Geology and Environmental Science
Ph.D. - Colorado State University
  226 Davenport

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Research Interests

My primary research interest is in mammalian genomics: the identification and functional characterization of genes. In particular, I am interested in genome organization and chromatin structure and their influences on nuclear functions such as DNA replication, chromosome segregation and gene expression. This is an extremely exciting field of research that has become practical and manageable with the completion of the human and mouse genome sequencing projects. Currently I have two projects that focus on gene regulatory effects and mechanisms involved in the molecular pathology of cancer and hereditary deafness. I am also involved in a collaborative study with the University of Tennessee College of Medicine investigating the effectiveness of a nanofiber bone repair device for bone regeneration. Recently I have begun a collaboration with the UTC Departments of Biology, Geology & and Environmental Science and Chemistry & Physics to investigate the molecular effects of e-cigarettes on human lung tissue.


Grants/Projects Since 2009

Potts, G, E. Carver and M. Kovach. 2015. In depth analysis of e-cigarrette filling solutions and their biological implications. 2015. UTC Collaborative Research Initiative for Sponsored Programs (CRISP) Award. $8000         

Thomas Currey (P.I.), M. Kovach, J. Doshi, S. Symes. 2011-2014. Nanofiber Based Bone Repair Device for Limb Salvage. U. S. Department of Defense/Army. Subcontract of a proposal with UT College of Medicine and E-Spin. $54,898



Publications Since 2009

Mikelson C, Kovach MJ, Troisi J, Symes S, Adair D, Miller RK, Salafia C, Johnson K, Lin S, Richards S. (2015) Placental 11bB-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 expression: Correlations with birth weight and placental metal concentrations.  Placenta (in press).

Shaw J, Shafer HL, Leonard OR, Kovach MJ, Schorr M, Morris AB. (2014) Chloroplast DNA sequence utility for the lowest phylogenetic and phylogeographic inferences in angiosperms: The tortoise and the hare IV. Am. J. Bot. 101(11):1987-2004.