Affiliated Biological Field Stations

For students who desire biological field experience, the Department of Biology, Geology and Environmental Sciences is a affiliated with two regional biological field stations.

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory, located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, offers summer marine science field courses. The Gulf Coast Research Laboratory is a public, non-profit research facility dedicated to working toward a future of sustainable marine and coastal resources through scientific discovery, development of new technology, and education of future scientists and citizens.

Highlands Biological Station, located in Highlands, North Carolina, is a year-round biological field station with the mission to promote research and education in biodiversity studies (ecology, systematics, evolution, and conservation), with special emphasis on the diverse flora and fauna of the Appalachian Mountain region.


Field course work or internships for credit can also be arranged at other biological field stations. 
Some other possible sites are:

Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Scripps Institution of Oceanography 
Hopkins Marine Station - Stanford University 
Friday Harbor Laboratory 
Shoals Marine Laboratory
Duke University Marine Laboratory 
Grice Marine Laboratory - College of Charleston 
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Mount Desert Biological Laboratory
University of Michigan Biological Station
Cowetta Long Term Ecological Research 
Savannah River Environmental Sciences Field Station
Savannah River Ecology Laboratory 
Hollings Marine Laboratory
Virginia Institute of Marine Science 
University of Georgia Marine Institute - Sapelo Island 
Sapelo Island National Estaurine Research Reserve 
Gerace Research Center (formerly Bahamian Field Station) San Salvador Island
Institute for Tropical Marine Ecology - Dominica, West Indies