Geology Field Trips

Over the years, we have made several trips to different areas. Below are some of them. In particular, every years since 1991, we have taken UTC geology students for about ten-day field expedition. Those who participated in those trips are included here.

History of Field Experience at UTC

The Geology field experience is an essential part of an undergraduate course at the University of Students interacting with professor standing around a vanTennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). The trip lasts less than two weeks and is offered at the end of the Spring semester. Each participant ought to have had a minimum of introductory geology course.

This trip experience started in 1992 by Professor Habte Giorgis, who led all the trips up to the present. The names of other university professors or area school teachers that helped lead the field experience are highlighted by blue colors. UTC students and in rare cases their friends that went to more than one trip are highlighted by underlined blue color. Senior citizens that participated in these trips are highlighted in green . Recent field experiences include the following.

1. In 1992, trip examined the Florida Keys and adjacent modern reef environments, the Everglades. The Okefenokee Swamps, East coast barrier islands, and metavolcanics and metasediments of the Carolina Terrane in the vicinity of Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC.

1992 Participants: Habte Churnet, Scottie Blansett, Ronny Fields, Troy Keith, Jason Martin, Jerome Partap, Leonard Ralston, John (Rusty) Sewell, David Smith.

2. In 1993, trip examined the physiography and tectonic belts of Costa Rica, and the characteristic rocks of each including active volcanoes.

1993 Participants: Habte Churnet, Gregory Brodie, Scottie Blansett *2, Troy Keith*2, Jasen Martin*2, Benjamin Ferry, Brent Floyd, Randall Hale, Scot Martin, Richard Orr, Nannette Johnson, Crystal Wooten, Brian Officer, Travis King, Allen Gyles, Steve Kehuda, and Christopher Stillwell.
Group photo

3. In 1994, trip examined the physiography of the Cordillera of North America along the latitude of Las Vegas; with emphasis on Tertiary volcanics, Mesozoic non marine siliciclastics, and Paleozoic marine sequences of the Colorado plateau in Arizona including the exposure at the Grand Canyon; east-vergent folds and thrusts overprinted by low-angle normal-slip fault structure of the Basin and Range province of Nevada, California and Utah; an a view of the Sierra Nevada from the Cowboy mine in Nevada.

1994 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Gregory Brodie, Scottie Blansett*3, Troy Keith*3, Jason Martin*3, Travis King*2, Brent Floyd*2, Richard Orr*2, Randall Hale*2, Nannett Johnson*2, Sandy Kinnaman, Steve Smith, Tracy Brown, David Hughes, David Phillips, Wade Newmann, Paul Van Alstyn, Evan Crews, Becky Floyd, and Jennifer Johnston.

4. In 1995, trip to Costa Rica

1995 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Charles Nelson, Gregory Brodie, Eric Fairchild, Becky Floyd*2, Steve Smith*2, Nick Bowers, William Brown, Jeremy Bramblett, Jennifer Jones, Michael, Bishop, Jack Akins, Evan Crews*2, Paul Van Alseyne*2, Edwin Starbird, Travis King*3, David Hughes*2, Sandy Kinnaman*2, Samuel Pittenger, Katherine Johnson, Leonard Raulston, Jr*2.
5. In 1996, trip to Costa Rica. 15 area school teachers.

1996 Participants: Habte Churnet, Kathy Zdanwosky, Andrew Akhadry, Nancy Bibler, Linda Brayford, Kenneth Collins, Laura Crowder, Anna Dennett, Jacob Foster, Kathryn Goff, Scruggs Kelvert, Jack Leather, Ellen Manaker, Al Rogers, Sue Rucker, Henry L. Schafer.
6. In 1997, trip to Costa Rica -Geology 496.

1997 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies,Gregory Brodie, Nannett brodie*3 , Ann Hunt, Group photo in front of a rock faceBenjamin Johnson, Jennifer Keith, Jeffrey Lane, William Moon, Mrs. Moon, John Sewell*2, Jonathan Turpin, Sara Hoover. Bryce Evans, Bridget McHale (yona).
7. In 1998, trip to Southwestern USA, similar to the 1994 trip.

1998 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Philip Millener, Samuel Bledsoe, Julie Burke, Christopher Chafin, Paul Davis, Debra Eaker, Timothy Hall, Amy Harris, Jeffrey Lane*2, David Mathews, Thomas Middlebrooks, Beverly Newell, John Nicols, James Paxton, Wendy Pope, Shawn Shiply, Greggory Tanner, William Wunderlich.
8. In 1999, trip to Costa Rica Geology 496

1999 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Lydia Boroughs, Georgia Caruthers, Vanessa Dick, Andrew Foxwell, Christopher Gibson, Jennifer Gregory, Timothy Hall*2, Ralph Knight, Beverly Newell*2, Greg Slater, Justin Dick,John Nicols, Depmsi Goode.

9. In 2000, trip to Southwestern USA, similar to trip in 1998

2000 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Lydia Boroughs*2, Aslhy Burnes, Byron Brook, Michelle Cooper, Ann Curts, Justin Dick*2, Keneth Earnshaw, Depmsi Goode,Scott A Howell, Ann Hunt*2, Carla Ingram, John Kuehnel, Bradley Ledford, Donald Price, Max
10. In 2001, trip to Costa Rica, Geology 496

Group photo sitting on rocks with volcano in background2001 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Lydia Boroughs*3, Byron Brook, Lyndsy Michelle Cooper*20,Scott A Howell *2,Carla Michell Ingram *2, John Kuehnel *2, Donald Price *2, Jason W. Sharrett

11. In 2002, trip to the desert southwest, Geology 496

2002 Participants: Habte Churnet, Jonathan Mies, Ann Holmes, Crowder, Vickie L; Davis, Benjamin Neyland; Dockery, Chris A; Faerber, Ryan David; Hamilton, Jamie Leanne; Holton, William C; Dr. Jarrett, Jeff, MD; Kendall, James Michael; Kingman, Sarah Jane; Martin II, William Gary; Prince, William W.; Sisson, Charles Ray, Jr;Smith Rebekah; Smith, Sarah Katherine; Varnell, Ashley E.; Varnell, Mary G.