Banner by Ellucian

Banner is a student information system software application implemented by UTC to provide easy-to-use access to information and services that are personalized to each of our students.

Additionally, the application facilitates communication with students, faculty and staff, enhances vital record keeping, and supplements University business practices to support accountability and efficiency standards.

Banner User Policies and Procedures Manual →

Argos - Evisions

Argos is the reporting tool that is used to make sense of the data generated from Banner.

Argos allows departments on campus access to the data about their students and analyze it for reporting needs, student retention, and process improvement.

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BDMS (Banner Document Management System)

BDMS is the software used to digitize and manage documents in conjunction with Banner. Tools allow for the imaging, storage and management of digital and paper documents.

Automic, formerly known as UC4

Automic is the application managing software that allows for processes to be set up on a schedule and automatically ran.

This is used in conjunction with Banner to run processes more quickly and efficiently for student support offices on the UTC campus.

Additional Software Supported

  • MyMocsNet (Luminis Portal)
  • Ellucian GO Mobile App
  • Operational Data Store (ODS)
  • NextGen Dynamic Forms
  • Runner Tech's SurveyDig and CleanAddress
  • Evisions Form Fusion
  • Ellucian's ILP (Integrated Learning Platform)
  • MyMocsDegree (DegreeWorks)
  • CampusLogic