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This training is to show tools built using Argos, Banner and MyMocs Degree to assist academic departments in helping to predict courses needing to be taught and the number of sections that may be needed.

Argos Reporting Tool

Argos is the tool used to extract data and information out of banner. There are now two ways to access your reports via this reporting tool.

  • The Argos Web Viewer is the new easy to use interface that allows you to run Argos dashboards and reports directly in a web browser from anywhere on campus. Currently compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer for PCs; Safari and Chrome for iPad and Mac; and Chrome for Android tablets. Click here to view our instructions for the Argos Web Viewer.
  • The Argos program is the classic way to access or develop reports. This method requires launching a java application and installing software on your computer. Currently only compatible with Internet Explorer and requires a windows environment to run on a Mac. Click here to view our instructions for the Argos program.

Naming convention for data blocks 

Data Blocks are named in a certain way, as to tell the Banner office information about the data block that will assist if there is a problem with the reporting. ODS stands for Operational Data Store and this information is generally 24 hours old. BDB stands for Banner DataBase and this information is real time pulling from Banner. The initials/ name at the end of the data block tell us who was involved in writing the reports so if there are problems, it is easier to fix. Names of the reports under the data blocks may be changed upon request, but the names of the data blocks themselves cannot be changed.

Argos - Maximizing the Potential of a Cube →

Access more detailed explanations and examples of an Argos cube.