Banner Top Five

  1. Luminis is the user interface portal, which is MyMocsNet.  Once a person has an Entity Account, MyMocsNet can be used to get to Banner and related technologies using the links on the Home tab.
  2. The UTC Data Standards Manual is located on the Banner2008\General Person\Data Standards shared drive or may be requested from the Banner Office.  The Banner system flow process document is located under Banner2008\General Person.  Requested access to the shared drive should be done by emailing
  3. Banner has several instances.  The CBANPR is the production instance.  The CBANQA is the quality assurance instance and used for short term testing.  The CBANQA instance is generally copied from the CBANPR instance on Sunday nights.  The CBANDV instance is the development instance and used for longer term testing.  The CBANDV instance is generally copied from PR when the Institution is preparing for testing for upgrades. Both QA and DV are test instances, one is for shorter term testing, one is for longer term testing.
  4. Generally, IDs are created in Banner through test score loads ( ACT or SAT), admissions applications, financial aid application, and continuing education applications.  IDs are UTC IDs.  General Person Record refers to a SPAIDEN (Banner Form) record.  This record must exist before anything else can be added to Banner.  General Student Record or Learner Record refers to a SGASTDN (Banner Form) record.  This must exist before registration may take place.  A Learner Record is generally created by being admitted to a term.  Terms which end in 40 are fall terms.  Terms which end in 20 are spring terms.  Terms which end in 30 are summer terms.  Terms which end in 05 are Continuing Education terms.
  5. UTC uses Banner for student data and SAP for financial and Human Resources. Some employee data is loaded into Banner from an IRIS file.  Though, employees will see this information in Banner, employees must update their address and general information through IRIS.  Students must update their address and general information through Banner.