Proposed New Parking Plan

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New Parking Plan


 Above is a map of the proposed new parking plan. This plan is broken down into 4 different types of parking:


Commuter (Blue): consists of non-residential students, and the majority of faculty and staff. Commuter permits will allow you to park in any commuter lot or event lot.


Housing (Gold): residential students can purchase a residential permit. This permit will allow a residential student to park in any residential parking lot. Residential lots will be very close to the residential areas and will be sold very close to 1 permit per space.


Reserved (Green): These permits will only be sold to faculty and staff. There will only be a limited number of these permits available. These lots are designed for faculty and staff that need to constantly go off campus and return to a designated lot.


Event: These lots will be available for commuter permits, unless there is a large event that reserves a particular lot.


Proposed Pricing:































Reserved Lot 






Why is Parking looking at changing?

Our current plan has been in place for a very long time. While it does work, we know that as the university expands we will need to efficiently utilize all of our available parking spaces. Using utilization data, we have seen that our current system does not efficiently utilize our parking spaces, as evidenced by those individuals that circle the general lots looking for a space and then see lots of empty spaces in reserved lots. If a group of reserved permit holders are not on campus that day, then those spaces will sit empty. This new plan allows for more fluidity in that anyone with a commuter permit can park in any commuter space. Anyone with a residential permit can park in any residential space. This also means that you are not assigned to a particular lot. This is better than our current system in that if your reserved lot is full, you cannot just go and park in another reserved lot.


Why the new prices?

The pricing for a commuter permit for a student will be $261 a year. This is less than a current reserved permit, but more than a current general permit. This is because we are opening up a large amount of spaces that will be available for commuters.

The pricing for a residential permit for a student is $550 for a year. However, the majority of residential students will only pay $400 for the Fall and Spring as most are not here during the summer. This is the same price as a current South Campus permit and standardizes the residential permits. This allows us to have flexibility in where residential students can park, instead of segmenting the different residential areas and potentially having capacity issues. In addition, residential spaces will be sold very close to 1 permit per space to help ensure that there will be enough residential parking spaces available near the residential areas. In addition, the major difference between residential permits and commuter permits is that vehicles belonging to residential students typically spend a larger amount of time utilizing the parking facilities compared to commuter vehicles.

The pricing for reserved lots for a faculty or staff member will be $600 for a year. This is because we will be selling 1 permit per space.


Will this be the final map?

The map above is just a sample map to show how the campus might be designated for Fall 2018. The final map will be created using permit sales data as well as utilization data. The map will be focused on putting enough residential spaces near the residential areas and commuter spaces near the academic buildings.


How can I voice my opinion about this new plan?

We have set up a survey to allow the community to share their opinion about the new parking plan: Click Here

Please note: the UTCID question is for verification purposes only and will not be disclosed with the survey results.