Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Good to know

  • If you have a reserved decal and your lot is full, you can park in any general lot on campus.
  • Fire lanes, handicap spaces, 24-hour reserved lots and specially marked spaces are enforced 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you have someone visiting the campus, they can park in the 5th street parking garage. Learn more →
  • If you are parked illegally, turning on your emergency lights will not keep you from getting a ticket.
  • If you feel you had a valid emergency you can appeal your ticket.
  • Parking in the striped area beside a handicap space is considered a handicap violation, because the striped areas are access aisles and legally part of the handicap space.
  • Parking decals for lot 24 and 57 are only valid M-F, 8 a.m .- 5 p.m.

What if I can't find a general parking space?

General parking near the core of campus tends to fill up the fastest. If you are arriving on campus during a peak time, the fastest option for getting to class is to park in Lot 45 (Engel) and ride the free Mocs Express shuttle to the core of campus. Lot 45 tends to always have an abundant number of available spaces, even during peak times.

See the campus map →

Learn more about the Mocs Express →

What is considered a legal parking space?

Legal parking spaces are marked with 2 lines in paved lots and bumper blocks (wheel stops) in unpaved lots, so if a space has neither one it's not a legal spot.

You must be lined up with a bumper block to be considered legally parked.

It is not feasible to mark every area on campus that is not a parking space, so an illegal parking area may not be marked with a "No Parking" sign.

Do night students have to buy a decal?

No one who comes on campus after 5 p.m. needs a decal as long as they do not park in spots that are enforced 24-hours (lots 1, 47, 50, Fire Lane, Handicap and specially marked spots).

Why can't I buy a reserved decal in a lot that always has spaces in it?

Each reserved lot is sold on a percentage basis of usage. Not all decal holders are here at the same time.

My car is in the shop and I left my decal in it. What can I do to avoid getting a ticket?

Come by the parking services office to obtain a temporary pass for the day.

Are UTC decals valid for city streets?

No, decals are only valid for university lots. For example: the Fortwood district requires a Fortwood resident permit from the city of Chattanooga.

How much do parking decals cost?

Check out our decal costs page.

Permit Refunds

Student parking permits will not be refunded after the second week of each semester. Refunds will be issued for any unused semester for multi-semester permits. For example, if you purchased a Fall/Spring permit and decide to return it in October, you will be refunded the unused Spring term of that permit (half of the base Fall/Spring permit price).