Frequently Asked Questions (and tips, too!)

What is considered a legal parking space?

Legal parking spaces are marked with 2 lines in paved lots and bumper blocks (wheel stops) in unpaved lots, so if a space has neither one it's not a legal spot. You must be lined up with a bumper block to be considered legally parked.  It is not feasible to mark every area on campus that is not a parking space, so an illegal parking area may not be marked with a "No Parking" sign.


Do night students have to buy a decal?

No one who comes on campus after 5 p.m. needs a decal as long as they do not park in spots that are enforced 24-hours (Lots 1, 47, 50, Fire Lane, Handicap, and specially marked spots).


Why can't I buy a reserved decal in a lot that always has spaces in it?

Each reserved lot is sold on a percentage basis of usage. Not all decal holders are here at the same time.


My car is in the shop and I left my decal in it. What can I do to avoid getting a ticket?

Come by the parking services office to obtain a temporary pass for the day.


Are UTC decals valid for city streets?

No, decals are only valid for university lots. The Fortwood district requires a Fortwood resident permit from the city of Chattanooga.


How much do parking decals cost?

Please check out our decal costs page.


  • If you have a reserved decal and your lot is full, you can park in any general lot on campus.
  • Fire lanes, handicap spaces, 24-hour reserved lots and specially marked spaces are enforced 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • If you have someone visiting the campus, they can park in the 5th street parking garage. Click Here for details.
  • If you are parked illegally, turning on your emergency lights will not keep you from getting a ticket.
  • If you feel you had a valid emergency you can appeal your ticket.
  • Parking in the striped area beside a handicap space is considered a handicap violation, because the striped areas are access aisles and legally part of the handicap space.
  • Parking decals for lot 24 and 57 are only valid M-F, 8a.m.-5p.m.

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