Some computer labs on campus now require you to pay with your Mocs Card for printing. Each student receives $10 in Print Points each semester. These Print Points do not roll over from semester to semester. After you have used all of your Print Points, you may pay for printing with Campus Points.

To print your job, simply select the computer you are using, then the print job, then swipe your card. The PayStation will show you your balance on Print Points, and how much your job will cost. Then click again to authorize your job and start printing.

My card shows a $0.00 balance - can I print?

Yes, you can print, if you have a sufficient balance on Campus Points. If the PayStation shows "LOW BALANCE" then you do not have sufficient funds to print your job. If you don't have enough money in both your Print Points and Campus Points tenders, the PayStation won't give you the option to authorize the charge and start printing.

You can check your Campus Points balance, and add money to it, at the Value Port stations in the UC and the UTC Library.

What labs require my Mocs Card to print?

  • UC Computer Lab
  • UTC Library
  • Davenport 228 (Physical Therapy & Criminal Justice)
  • EMCS 206 (Math)
  • EMCS 236 (GIS Lab)
  • Fine Arts Center 307 (Music)
  • Fine Arts Center 412 (Art)
  • Fletcher Hall 111 & 408 (College of Business)
  • Frist 201, 202, 203, & 205 (Communications)
  • Grote 316 (Chemistry)
  • Holt 101, 205, & 399 (English)
  • Holt 302 (Psychology)
  • Hunter 405 (Interior Design)
  • Hunter 407 (Education)
  • Metro 205 & 229 (Nursing)

But I don't have a Mocs Card - so how can I print?

Guests can purchase a Guest Card, which can be used for printing and other purchases on campus. For more information, see the Guest Card page.