Mocs Card Photo Submission

The Mocs Card online photo submission enables Students/Faculty/Staff to upload a picture to be used on the UTC ID card known as the Mocs Card instead of waiting in line to have your picture taken in the ID office.  

Orientation Student Photo Submissions

Eligibility: undergraduate freshmen and transfer students who have registered for an Academic Orientation Program are encouraged to submit their photo online.

Click HERE for photo submission dates. The dates you can submit your photo is determined by your orientation date.

You will pick up your completed Mocs Card during orientation in the ID office. You must know your UTC ID number or you will NOT be able to pick up your Mocs Card. If you have questions about these requirements, you can call our office at (423) 425-2218, Monday – Friday 8am – 4:00pm or email us at Your first Mocs Card is free each replacement card is $15.00.

Click here to log in and submit your photo

Photo Submission Criteria

Your photo must meet the criteria outlined to be accepted. All photos are subject to approval.

  1. Take a new photo.
  2. Use good lighting. Photos that are dark, overexposed, or show glare on glasses will not be accepted.
  3. Face forward and look at the camera.
  4. The photo should be a centered and front-facing headshot that doesn't need to go below the shoulders.


  • Use a color photo in jpg format
  • Make sure your eyes are open and visible
  • Crop the image to just above the top of the head to the collarbone
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  • Use pictures with social media filters
  • Wear sunglasses or other item that will obscure your face
  • Use pictures that are blurry or have a glare
  • Use scenic backgrounds
  • Use overexposed or underexposed photos
  • Group photos
  • Inappropriate expressions
  • Use Senior portraits or Graduation photos
  • Use professional pictures

Below are examples of photos that should not be submitted.

exposer  expressions  group  hat  sunglasses  filters  filters2



To submit your online photo you may also follow the Passport Photo Guidelines found here.