guest card

What are Guest Cards?

Guest Cards are for guests and visitors of the University to use on campus. While they do not serve as official University identification, they allow guests to place money on Campus Points and can be used for purchases anywhere that the Mocs Card is accepted.

Where can I buy a Guest Card?

Guest Cards can be purchased at the Value Port stations, located on the 2nd floor of the University Center and on the 1st floor of the UTC Library. Only cash is accepted to purchase a card.

How much do the cards cost?

Guest cards are $1. Your card will have a $1 balance in Campus Points.

Can I add more money to my Guest Card?

Yes! Additional money can be added to your campus points at either Value Port station.

How can I check my balance?

You can check your balance at the Value Port stations.

Terms and Conditions

Guest cards can be used for purchases at any University of Tennessee at Chattanooga location that accepts Campus Points. Card can be recharged at any time. Card is not redeemable for cash. Merchandise returned will be credited back to your card, no cash refunds are allowed. Card will not be refunded or replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed, altered or used without purchaser's permission. After 12 months of non-use, balance on card will be expired.