Lesson Plans from Integrating Japan and East Asia Into World History and Geography Courses Professional Development Program


Complete roster of social studies teachers who successfully finished the East Asia 30-hour professional development program with school contact information.


Teachers in the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia/Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnerships/Tennessee Geographic Alliance/University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Asia Program-sponsored 2014-2015 professional development program authored the following 42 lessons on Japan and East Asia. The lessons are suitable for the following courses: Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade, and High School World History and Geography. Although the lesson plan formats differ depending upon individual school and school district requirements, every lesson plan is based upon one or more of the recently implemented Tennessee State Social Studies World History and Geography Standards.


Michael Ann Begley, Cherokee Middle School, World History, 7th

“Major features of Shinto”

“Major Geographical Features of China”

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“Geography of China” Quiz


Riley Bogema, Brainerd High School, US History, 11-12th

“Lesson Plan on the Pacific Theater of WWII”

“Lesson Plan on the Chinese Exclusion Act”


Caleb Clark, West High School, World History and Geography, 9th

“Should Japan Drop The Atomic Bomb: A lesson in observations, inferences, and synthesizing information”

“Where My Stuff Comes From”


Sherri Collie, Collinwood Middle School, World History and Geography, 7th

"Two Religions of Japan"

"Geography of China"

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"Two Religions of Japan Handout"

"China Geography Handout"


 Kessler Cuffman, Center for Creative Arts, World History and Geography, 6th and 7th

“Time Travel Back to Twelfth Century Japan: Research/ Travel Guide Activity”

“Using Poetry and Art Work to Understand Tang China: Carrousel Activity”


Erica Davis, I.T. Creswell Middle Arts Magnet Prep, US History, 5th -6th

“WWII Unit: Lesson 2”

“Ancient China Unit”


Rebecca Gomez, Nature’s Way Montessori School, Humanities, 7 -8th

"The Tale of Genji and Heian Japan"

"Mapping China through Ancient Cartography"


Greg Hamilton, Robertsville Middle School, World History, 7th

“Samurai Lesson Plan”

“Christopher Columbus v Zheng He:  Who was the Better Mariner?”

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"Samurai Handout 1"

"Samurai Handout 2"

"Samurai 'One Who Serves'"

"Excerpts from The Way of the Samurai 1"

"Excerpts from The Way of the Samurai 2"

"Zheng He Handout 1"

"Zheng He Handout 2"

"Zheng He Voyages Enrichment Reading"

"Columbus Sets Sail Enrichment Reading"

"Facts About Asia: Columbus and Zheng He"


Parker Jarnigan, Oak Ridge High School, AP World History, 9-12th

“Japanese Imperialism”

“China’s Cultural Revolution”


 Kaiti Kelley, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

“The Geography of Japan”

“3 values of Confucianism”


Carol Labor, Ooltewah Middle School, World History, 6th

“The Influence of China on the Writing and Religion in Japan”

“Early China, World Geography, and Intercultural Connections”

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"Instructions for Standup Cube Foldable"

"Questions for Discussion"


 Dan Perryman, Christian Academy of Knoxville, World History, 9 -11th

“The Japanese Build Up for War 1930s”

“Japan’s Geography”


Aaron Pickering, Oak Ridge High School AP World History and AP European History, 10-12th

“Datsu-A Ron: Meiji Reforms and the De-Asianization of Japan”

“The Silk Road: Trade and Conflict in the Han Empire”


Kelly Shanton, West Valley Middle School, World History, 7th

“Japan’s Religions”

“China’s Physical Features”

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"Buddhism 2"


"Shinto 2"

"Shinto and Japanese Buddhism"

"Geography of China Presentation"

"Geography of China Quiz"


 Jenny Shorten, Evangelical Christian School, AP European History, 8th and 10th

“Militarism in Late Twelfth Century Japan”

“Introducing China”


Nancy Siler, Boyd-Buchanan School, Sociology, 11th 

"Family and Marriage Across Cultures A Study of the Customs of the Japanese"

"A Comparison of the Geography of China and the United States"


Brian Smith, Jefferson Middle School, Social Studies, 7th

The Tale of Genji

“Medieval Explorers”

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"Excerpts from the Tale of Genji"


Bruce Stubblefield, Orchard Knob Middle School, Social Studies, World History, 6th

“Geography of China and Japan”

“The Silk Road and the Diffusion of Buddhism”

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"China or Japan Activity"

"Geography and History of Early China"

"PAGES Graphic Organizer"

"Silk Road Presentation"

"Silk Road Reading"


Darrell Vandergriff, First Baptist Academy, World Geography, 6th and 7th

“Cross Culture Comparison of Asian Countries”

“Lesson Plan For The Great Wall”


Melanie Werner, Seymour Middle School, World History and Geography, 7th

“DBQ: The Tale of Genji

“Comparing the Maritime Achievements of Christopher Columbus and Zheng He”


Maranda Wilkinson, North Middle School, World History, 7th

“Japan: Geography and Its Impact”

“The Geography of China”

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"The Geography of China Lesson Plan Materials"