East Asia and The World: Past and Present

Sponsored by the Tennessee Geographic Alliance, The National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA), and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Asia Program.

Twenty outstanding Tennessee and North Georgia middle and high school teachers interested in exploring the historical and contemporary interactions of China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan—both within Asia and with non-Asian nationsparticipated in this professional development program. Eighteen teachers completed the program and created a total of thirty-four East Asia-related lesson plans for their classes—a final requirement of teachers in order to complete the program—which are available for download below.


Katherine Coblentz

East Lake Academy of Fine Art. Hixson, TN, Visual Art, 6th-8th

Bamboo Painting Lesson

Asian Calligraphy Lesson 


Jane Hill

Ooltewah Middle School, Ooltewah, TN, World History 7th

Genghis Khan: Hero or Villain?

Comparing and Contrasting Ancient China's 3 Religions


Student Resource #1-10 Things You May Not Know About Genghis Khan

Student Resource #2-40 Facts about Genghis Khan

Student Resource #3-Genghis Khan Bio

Student Resource #4-Genghis Khan Encyclopedia Britannica

Genghis Khan Positive and Negative T-bar Worksheet

Genghis Khan's Personality Source

China's Three Religions Comparison T-bar Worksheet

Triple Venn Diagram Template Worksheet


Leah Huguenin

Berean Academy, Hixson, TN, World History and Geography, 6th, ELA 9th-12th

The Chinese Connection to the European Holocaust

Tokugawa Japan and Commodore Matthew Perry of the United States


Mary Lynn Jones

Dalton Middle School, Dalton, GA, Social Studies 7th (Regular, Advanced, and Special Ed)

Asia Religions Explained (multi-part lesson)


Asia Religions Explained Resources

Asia Religion Notes

Information on Asia Religions

Videos on Buddhism

Videos on Confucianism

Videos on Hinduism

Videos on Shintoism


Mindy Kelley

Rockwood Middle School, Rockwood, TN, 7th Grade Social Studies

Comparing Chinese Dynasties

East Asian Countries and Landforms


Pearson China Map


Trish King

Girls’ Preparatory School, Chattanooga, TN, Global Cultures, 6th

By Order of the Emperor: Japanese Occupied Korea

100 Views of Edo


Carol Labor

Ooltewah Middle School, Ooltewah, TN, Social Studies, 6th

China Early Dynasties

The Influence of Confucius


Abigail McMillan

Red Bank High School, Red Bank, TN, US History, 11th and 12th

America and China in the Cold War

Japanese Internment During World War II


Wendy Morgan

LFO High School, Fort Oglethorpe, GA, 9th-12th Art I, AP Art History

Propaganda: Mao’s Selfie

Philosophical Landscaping during the Song Dynasty 


Mao Propaganda Quiz

Mao Propaganda Worksheet

Map of China Featuring Anyuan

Song Dynasty Quiz


AnnaLouise Haynes Myers

Normal Park Museum Magnet, Chattanooga, TN, Visual Art, 4th-8th

Hokusai and Forces in Nature

Masks of the Beijing Opera


Masks of the Beijing Opera Exhibit Label

Masks of the Beijing Opera Assessment Rubric


David Paris

East Hamilton High, Hixson, TN, US History, Comparative Religions, Contemporary Issues, 9th-12th

The Korean War (2-lessons)


Sarah C. Plumb

The Cohn Learning Center, Nashville, TN, US History, Government, and Economics, 9th-12th

China Becomes a Republic

Opium War


China Becomes A Republic Student Handout

Opium War Student Handout


Shawn Pritchett

North Murray High School, Chatsworth, GA, World History Honors 9th, 10th, 12th

Impact of Confucianism on Chinese Culture

Impact of Tokugawa/Qing rules on Japan and China


Kelli Solock

Ooltewah Middle School, Ooltewah, TN. English Language Arts, 7th

Comparing and Contrasting Japanese Literature

Finding Theme With Haiku Poems


Kathryn Stuckey

Smyrna Middle School, Smryna, TN, World History 7th Grade

Contributions of the Ming Dynasty

Life During Nara Japan


Contributions of the Ming Dynasty Article 1

Contributions of the Ming Dynasty Article 2

Contributions of the Ming Dynasty Worksheet

Life in Nara PowerPoint


Krystal Thompson

Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence, Chattanooga, TN, General Education, 2nd Grade

Traditional Culture Japan

China: Paper Writing and Calligraphy Lesson


Julia Wenzel-Huguley

Bellevue Middle Pre, Nashville, TN, 7th Grade ELA & Social Studies

Song Dynasty Growth and Change

Contributions to the World: China


Exit Ticket Day 1

Information Chart Day 1


Maranda Wilkinson

North Middle School, Winchester, TN, World History and Geography, 7th

Japan: A Religion Comparison

Jigsaw Fab 4 Chinese Inventions


Japan: A Religion Comparison Graphic Organizer

Japan: A Religion Comparison Reciprocal Teaching Adaptation

Japan: A Religion Comparison Text Excerpts

Fab 4 Chinese Inventions PowerPoint

Fab 4 Chinese Inventions Jigsaw

Fab 4 Chinese Inventions Printed Resources