Students for Arts and Interdisciplinary Learners (SAIL)


Strengthening arts and interdisciplinary learning at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Students for Arts and Interdisciplinary Learning, founded and built as a student extension of the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, provides resources and opportunities in support of arts and interdisciplinary learning for both arts and non-arts majors. SAIL is not intended to be a replacement for any arts club.

About Us

SAIL was first conceived in 2015, when the staff of Arts-Based Collaborative met with fine art students to plan innovations for the center to reach out and help to serve the students of UTC. In spring 2016 a group of students from the advisory group led a revolution to turn the advisory group into an organization that can serve not just fine art students but the whole campus.

In October of 2016 SAIL was made an official student organization of UTC. The group included President Joseph Ellison, Vice President Adrienne Benson, Secretary Elizabeth Smoak, Treasurer Lori McNabb, and Adviser Laurie Melnik.

SAIL serves as an advocate for student interests and aims to build a community of thinkers and learners on campus. We hope to provide oppurtunites and events that foster the growth of an arts and interdisciplinary community.

Our purpose is to grow and engage ourselves and our community in establishing an open and active environment for all students interested in pursuing learning opportunities in the arts. We proudly embrace and abide by the academic and professional standards upheld by the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.