At least 20% of Barger families actively participated in CommuniCREATE.

Active participation of Barger families was defined as those who both registered and attended a CommuniCREATE event. Approximately 60 families from the Barger community encompass the goal of 20%, which is an increase from the 50 families that attended the pilot event in March 2013. The objective was measured through registration forms for each CommuniCREATE event and a check-in process at the beginning of each event. Registration forms were sent to all Barger families, but only those who attended the event were counted for the purpose of measuring this objective. Approximately 61 families attended the first event, 70 families attended the second event, 68 families attended the third event, and 63 families attended the fourth event. While numbers fluctuated between events, the objective was met for all CommuniCREATE events.


At least 25% of returning participants attended workshops in different art forms.

Returning participants include Barger families that come back to the second event after having participated in the first one. We encouraged participants to attend a different art form during each CommuniCREATE event, but we did not make this mandatory. While we respected everyone’s decision in regards to which art form they wanted to experience, we were curious to see how many participants did go to a different art form each time. Our rationale for this was to be able to explain why having multiple events would be useful. For example, if the majority of returning participants always attended workshops in the same art form, then it may be that fewer events are necessary or the content of each workshop needs to build off the prior experience. Our goal was for Barger families to attend different art forms because we recognized the need to build understanding and awareness of arts learning for the parent community. The registration

form was used as the primary tool for measuring progress. On the registration form, participants were asked to rank which art form they wanted to attend according to preference, which was completed prior to each event.

After comparing the collected data, we found that between the first and second CommuniCREATE events 39 families attended a different art form while 4 families attended the same workshops. This means that out of 61 families who attended the first workshop, approximately 70% of them attended the second CommuniCREATE event and approximately 91% of returnees participated in a different art form. We found that between the second and third CommuniCREATE events approximately 58 families returned and attended a different art form while 6 families attended the same workshop. We found that between the third and fourth CommuniCREATE events approximately 52 families returned and attended a different art form while 1 family attended the same workshop. Across all CommuniCREATE events more than 50% of families returned and attended a workshop in a different art form.


At least 25% of returning participants have completed more than 5 volunteer hours.

Increasing parental involvement remained an important aspect of this project and volunteer hours served as our primary indicator. Since Barger Academy of Fine Arts is a magnet school, all families that are not zoned for the school are required to complete 18 volunteer hours a year. However, not all families are required to do this since some attend Barger as their zone school. Surveys were used to measure progress. While we were focusing on the amount of volunteer hours, we understand that this is not relevant to all Barger families and CommuniCREATE participants. Taking this into consideration, survey respondents had the option to select N/A when asked about volunteer hours.

 After reviewing the collected data from survey responses, approximately 50% of survey respondents from the second event completed more than 5 volunteer hours. This shows an increase from the first event where approximately 37% of the survey respondents completed more than 5 volunteer hours. The third event showed that 38% completed more than 5 volunteer hours, which was a decrease from the second event. The fourth event showed that 52% completed more than 5 volunteer hours. Each event surpassed our objective of 25%, but limitations need to be considered. Survey respondents from each event do not represent all participants since we did not get a 100% return from the surveys. However, we did receive over a 50% survey response rate, which does provide us with useful insight.