Welcome to Africana studies!

What is Africana studies?

The Africana studies minor is an interdisciplinary approach to the study, research, interpretation and dissemination of African, African-American and Latino culture and history. In principle, the most effective and efficient way to understand these experiences is from a holistic perspective. The minor is comprised of distinguished UTC faculty from a variety of academic areas such as:

  • Criminal Justice
  • English
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Communications

The minor aims to expose students with various racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds to an academic experience that goes beyond the normally narrow, Eurocentric college curriculum. The program develops students' awareness of political and sociological issues related to Africana experiences from its historical beginnings to popular culture and beyond. The Africana studies minor develops and exposes students to a particular understanding of Africana and Latino experiences and humanity in general. In this way, the minor realistically prepares students for life beyond UTC, for graduate programs, and for an increasingly global and diverse workforce.