The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
UTC Advisory Board Student Selection Process 

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 49-9-50 (d)
T. C. A. § 49-9-501
§ 49-9-501. Advisory boards for University of Tennessee institutions
Effective: April 6, 2018

(d) One (1) member must be a student at the respective University of Tennessee institution selected and appointed in a manner determined by the respective advisory board as soon as practicable for the initial appointment and, for all subsequent appointments, no later than April 15 of each year. Each student member must be enrolled full-time at the respective University of Tennessee institution throughout the term of appointment; provided, that this requirement does not require enrollment during any summer semester.

(3) Each student member selected in accordance with subsection (d) shall serve a term of one (1) year, beginning July 1 and ending the following June 30.

The UTC process:

  • The application process shall begin the first day of classes in the spring semester.
    • For this initial year this process will begin as soon as the advisory board adopts the selection proposal. In all subsequent years, the process will begin the first day of classes in the spring semester.
  • Applications shall be opened and made available to all enrolled, full-time students. The application consists of a resume and a letter stating why the student is interested in the student trustee position.
  • The opening of the application shall be accompanied by notification to all students via university e-mail from the Dean of Students. Faculty and staff shall be encouraged to nominate students.
  • The period for which applications will be accepted shall be three (3) weeks and will be submitted to the Dean of Students office working in conjunction with the Chancellor’s office.
  • The Chancellor and the Student Government Association (SGA) advisors shall perform a preliminary screening of the applicants.
    • Candidates shall have completed a total of 30-semester hours with a cumulative 2.75 grade point average at the end of the semester of such appointment.
  • Applicants meeting the aforementioned requirements shall be invited and presented to the SGA and shall be recognized in a punctuated and individual manner to defend their candidacy for a maximum of three (3) minutes, which precedes a period of questioning from voting members of the SGA.
  • At least three members of the UTC Advisory Board will attend the meeting of the SGA to hear the candidates defend their candidacy.
  • The SGA will put forth to the Chancellor and SGA advisors those candidates it feels are acceptable or unacceptable (without ranking). This information will be provided to the Chancellor on all the candidates.
  • The Chancellor will provide this information to the members of the UTC Advisory Board, who will make the final selection.

Approved by the UTC Advisory Board on January 7, 2019