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Pursing a career in health can be satifying and rewarding but obtaining admission to professional health programs requires commitment, dedication and an understanding of the admissions criteria. For many health careers including medicine (allopathic and ostheopathic), dentistry, and physician assistant these programs do not require a specific major but rather require specific pre-requisite courses. In addition to pre-requisite coursework, many programs like to see and may even require exposure to the field through volunteering, shadowing or other types of clinical experiences. To explore your interest in health and various program admission requirements, contact a Pre-Health Advisor (see bottom of this page). 

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Clinical Experiences

Obtaining experience in the health field plays a vital role in exploring medicine, seeing the reality of your field of interest, and your personal fit within this landscape. Understanding not only your intended field but also the team of medical professionals, and daily responsibilities that accompany this role is the starting point of your journey in health. Not only personally informative and growing, medical, dental and osteopathic school want to see your dedication and exposure to the field through continued shadowing experiences. 

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Contact a Pre-Health Advisor

The centralized contact for Pre-Health Advising here at UTC is the Center for Advisement and can be reached via email at However, there are a variety of health career specific advisors. For a list of these advisors, please see Pre-Health Academic Advisors.