First Year Advising

Your first year is a critical point in your academic career.  As such, UTC aims to provide you with the best academic support possible, starting with direct academic advising.  Your assigned advisor is determined by your preferred academic major program.  Most first year students are advised by professional advisors in the Center for Advisement.  Exceptions to this general rule are:

If you are one of these majors, you will be advised in the academic department by your assigned faculty or professional advisor.

First Year Advising: Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the first year, a student should be able to:

  1. Recognize and identify available majors in the area of interest, understand major and appropriate General Education requirements, and said majors' pre-requisites and co-requisites.
  2. Locate their academic advisor's contact information and effectively and professionally communicate with them.
  3. Identify the importance of managing their time effectively and keeping commitments, including scheduled appointments with their academic advisor.
  4. Recognize the contractual obligations of the academic calendar and catalog including, but not limited to: critical deadlines; FERPA; course repeat policy; and transfer credit processing.
  5. Become familiar with the resources available on the UTC website and the essential functions of MyMocsNet.  Available web resources include, but are not limited to: the course catalog and schedule, ClearPath Showcases, departmental webpages, and various student support services.  MyMocsNet’s essential functions include, but are not limited to: MyMocsDegree, course schedule and registration information, grades and other student records, financial resources, and UTC MocsMail.