Advisor Training

As new academic advisors are hired, extensive training opportunities will be offered.  These training opportunities include Banner training, the advising handbook, case studies, hands-on activities, and mentoring.  Regular refresher training activities will be offered as well.  An overview of the Advisors' Certificate can be found here.

NOTE: The Advisors’ Training Certificate modules do not provide individuals with access to any of the student information platforms such as Self-Service Banner, MyMocsDegree, or INB. In order to receive access to these platforms/systems, you must submit the Training Authorization Form and complete the appropriate trainings offered through the Records Office. Please visit the following link for more information:  If you have any questions about the process to gain access to any of the student information platforms, please email


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Upcoming Training Dates/Times:

To register for an upcoming training, please complete the form below.  If you have questions or concerns, please email Laura Bass, Training Committee Chair.