2021 Freshman Test Optional Admission

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, UTC will offer a test-optional admission criteria for spring & fall 2021.  Prospective students will have two options for receiving an admissions decision.  

  1. Students with current ACT/SAT scores or those planning to take the exam in the future can select the traditional admissions process based on the following requirements (2.85 GPA & 18 ACT/SAT or 2.5 GPA & 21 ACT/SAT).  Students with the appropriate test scores and GPA will be automatically admitted. 
  2. Students with a minimum 3.00 grade point average that do not currently have an ACT/SAT score can choose the test-optional admissions process.  To be considered for admission under this criteria, students must provide one teacher recommendation.


Yes! If you select test optional and meet the program requirements, you will be admitted prior to receiving your ACT/SAT scores. Once you receive your scores, you can submit them to be added to your file at a later date.
UTC will not rescind your admission if you ACT/SAT is below our traditional admission requirements. 
Not initially, but you can be!
In order to be considered for institutional scholarships, we do have to have a ACT/SAT score on file before the scholarship deadline.
No. If you select test optional admission and are admitted, UTC will not rescind your admission due to an ACT/SAT score lower than our traditional admissions standards.


Please contact Terrence Banks at (423)425-4662 or terrence-banks@utc.edu for more information.
UTC policy is to accept the highest GPA provided on your transcript. This can be weighted or unweighted. 
If a numeric GPA is not provided, UTC calculates your GPA on a flat 4.0 scale. 
Yes! There is an appeal to the test optional admissions policy. Please apply and then contact Terrence Banks for more information. 
Teacher recommendations can be uploaded via the application portal at http://www.utc.edu/apply (click "check my status"). There will be a section under your application which allows you to upload the recommendation. 


If your question is still not answered, please feel free to contact Terrence Banks for more information.