Bridge Program FAQ


Q: Why was I invited to apply for the Summer Bridge program?

We are encouraging you to participate in the Summer Bridge Program because you have been identified as one of our high-priority students who would benefit from a small learning community and an early start to your academic career.


Q: If I participate in the Bridge Program, do I have to re‐apply for the Summer semester?

A: No. If you take part in the Bridge Program during the summer, you are a regularly‐admitted student at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga beginning Summer 2017 (based on your admitted status for Fall 2017).


Q: What are the dates for the Bridge Program?

A: The Bridge Program will begin on Sunday, June 25th with an opening reception. Classes will begin on June 26th through July 26th. Students will attend Orientation on Thursday, July 27th and Friday, July 28th.


Q: How do I accept the invitation to participate in the Bridge Program?

A: It is a one‐step process. Email Brandon Justice. Emailing will NOT confirm your acceptance to the Bridge Program, but will indicate your interest in Summer Bridge and that you will attend The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. You will receive additional forms to be completed before you are confirmed.


Q: What if I have not completed my FAFSA? Will my application still be reviewed if I have not applied for this current year?

A: Your application will still be considered; however, you will need to complete the free FAFSA for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 by the June 16th deadline.


Q: Why do I have to complete 2 FAFSA Forms?

A: Financial Aid is determined on a calendar that begins with the fall semester and ends with the summer semester. Therefore, the 2017‐2018 FAFSA will determine how much financial aid you can receive for fall 2017, spring 2018, and summer 2018. Since the Bridge Program begins in summer 2017, which is from the financial aid year 2016‐2017, you must also complete the FASFA for 2016‐2017 to receive financial aid during the summer semester.


Q: If I need to be on campus for the Bridge Program, will there be opportunities for me to have fun in the summer?

A: Absolutely. We have many events and activities planned during the summer that are geared specifically for you to unwind and have fun. Many of those events are organized through Housing and Student Development, which is another great benefit of living on campus this summer. 


Q: What classes will I be taking in the summer?

A: It depends on which section of Bridge Program you join. For summer, all sections will include:

  •       English 1011 Rhetoric and Composition I with Writing Tutorial — Required course for all students in the program.
  •       USTU 1250 First-Year Studies: The UTC Experience—Required course for all students in the program.
  •       Math – Students will take the initial Math course based on Math placement information – Required course for all students in the program.


Q: Are classes from Monday to Friday?  

A: The class schedules vary, but students have class on all weekdays during the five week term. We will also have guest speakers from the community and across campus that will be scheduled during the time the students are here (to see an example of a typical week, click here).


Part of the goal is to teach you how to appropriately manage your time while accomplishing all of your academic responsibilities and getting involved on campus. You will have time during the day to relax and do fun things, but we are going to teach you how to schedule in those things in order to still get your work completed.


Q: Can I select my own classes?

A: Not for summer 2017. The Bridge Program aims not only to provide you with successful skills to help you do well at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, but also to form a small, friendly community within a large, research university. If you do not take the same courses as everyone else, you would not be fully integrated in the Bridge Program community. You will have the opportunity to select certain courses for fall and spring semesters.


Q: Do I have to live on campus?

A: Studies have shown that students who live on campus tend to stay in school and graduate at higher rates. Since we want to make sure you succeed at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, living on campus is a good place to start. Students in the Bridge program are required to live on campus for the Summer term.


Q: Do I have to have a meal plan?

A: Yes, you are required to have a meal plan because the rooms in Stagmaier Hall do not have kitchens. The dining hall will be open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Q: Will I have time for a part‐time job?

A: Not outside of your Bridge Program required coursework and service activities. To allow you the opportunity to earn summer money, you will receive a weekly stipend / allowance for your participation in the summer Bridge Program.



Other questions should be directed to Lee Pierce in Undergraduate Admissions at (423) 425-4662.