With the Department

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To maintain our level of instructional excellence, each department has set up guidelines for selecting qualified adjunct faculty to provide instruction. 

To see what the qualifications are for various departments, check with your department.

Office Assignments

Due to current space limitations, private offices cannot be provided for all adjunct faculty. In those few instances when office space is available, the space generally must be shared with other adjunct faculty.


Each departmental office has a set of faculty mailboxes, and adjunct faculty are encouraged to check their mailboxes often for such items as memos, messages and mail. Free inter-campus mail service is available and envelopes can be obtained from the department office.


Textbooks and office supplies, such as roll books, are available through the department office. If there are special needs for items not normally supplied, the department head must be consulted for appropriate approval.


Secretarial services for course-related materials may be available through the department secretary. A 48-hour turnaround time for duplication is generally required, but it is helpful to give a longer lead time.


The Center for Academic Support and Advisement assists students in planning their academic programs and in setting career goals. Although adjunct faculty rarely have formal responsibilities for advising students, departmental policy will determine the level of involvement adjunct faculty have in the advisement process.  Adjunct faculty are well positioned to speak to issue like "how can I use this information when I graduate?" and "how does this course fit into my degree?"

Adjuncts, therefore, should familiarize themselves with the programs and curricula offered in their departments and with UTC's general education requirements, particularly the mathematics' requirements. Most freshmen and students who have not declared a major are advised by the Center for Academic Support and Advisement.