In the Classroom


Adjunct faculty must prepare a syllabus consistent with departmental syllabi and provide a copy to the department head prior to class distribution.

During the first week of class, students should be informed in writing of the instructor's attendance policy, the approaches or strategies to be used in the course, the textbooks and other materials required, the sequence of assignments, the type and frequency of tests and the criteria to be used in grading.

Building and Room Keys

Generally, keys to buildings and classrooms are not issued to adjunct faculty.

If a classroom is locked, UTC Safety and Security should be contacted at 425- 4357.

Continuing problems with locked rooms should be reported to the department head.

Class Rolls

Class rolls are available through the Banner system after training or by logging into UTC Learn .

Roll books should not be finalized until after the drop/add date.

This usually occurs during the third week of the semester. Please check your final class rolls carefully.


Faculty are expected to keep a written record of how students are progressing through a course.  T

he usual ways of doing this are either through the use of a paper notebook with each student's name and scores on assignments or by using a computer program to keep track of this information.

If you want to use a computer program based gradebook, you have several choices.  You may use the gradebook feature within the online course delivery system.  It already has your student's names listed and can securely store this information. Backups are created by the IT staff to guard against data loss.  You may also choose to use a spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel, to create an electronic gradebook. 

Attendance Policy and Excuses

At the beginning of the semester faculty members should outline their class attendance policies on absences. It is the student's responsibility to inform the instructor when illness or participation in a University activity prevents attendance. The instructor will decide whether the student may make up work missed and what effect the absences may have on the requirements of the course.

When absences are occasioned by University projects, students should check with their instructors, informing them of the possibility of the out-of-town trip and the classes to be missed. If the instructor wishes written confirmation of the organized trip before granting an excuse, a list of the student's classes along with the instructors' names and dates of the trip should be submitted to the office of the appropriate dean. All excuse requests must be submitted at least three days before the event. This list should be signed by the faculty advisor of the organization, who certifies as to the accuracy of the information. The dean returns the approved list to the faculty advisor, who issues copies to the students.

Honor Code →

The Honor Code is based upon the assumption that the student recognizes the fundamental importance of honesty in all dealings within the University community and that education is a cooperative enterprise between student and teacher and between student and student. Any act of dishonesty violates and weakens this relationship and lessens the value of the education which the student is pursuing. When a student violates the honor code, faculty have the responsibility to sanction and document the situation.  This process supports UTC's academic integrity as well as redirecting the student from a path of progressively larger acts of dishonesty.  Violations of the Honor Code are documented using this form.  Please fill it out and mail it to the chair of the current Honor Court.  Click here and scroll down to find who is currently chairing that committee.  By documenting the first incident, hopefully the next faculty will not have the second incident.   The Honor Code and the Honor Court and its procedures are detailed in the Student Handbook.  Adjunct faculty are encouraged to apply the Honor Code and make use, if necessary, of the Honor Court.

Ordering Classroom Equipment

Order classroom equipment through Client Services for Help Desk/Media Resources. 

Check what is in your classroom here.

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