What is PasteBoard? 

The PasteBoard allows you to clean up and edit your text before inserting in the activity field.

The PasteBoard enables you to copy up to 4K (4,000 bytes) of text from another document, such as your vita in Microsoft Word, and paste it into the PasteBoard.   


How to Use PasteBoard


  • Click on the PasteBoard tab (under the Manage Activities heading) on the left-hand side of your screen.

Location of pasteboard on the top left of the screen

  • You can move and resize the PasteBoard as needed.
  • Copy and paste text to the PasteBoard.

Example of writting information into the pasteboard

  • Clean up the text.
  • Copy the text and paste it into the selected data field. You may also select the text and drag it to the selected data field.
  • To remove the text from the PasteBoard, right-click, select all, and delete.


Trouble Shooting

If you experience difficulties using the PasteBoard, there are several common troubleshooting tips you should implement.

  • Clear their browser cookies and restart their browser
  • Verify that nothing is blocking the storage of cookies for the browser they are using
  • Ensure that too much data is not being pasted into the PasteBoard – remember the 4K size limit