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Administrative Closings2/1/2014
Annual Leave
Annual Leave (Vacation), BOT2/1/2014
Attendance (Employee)7/1/1985
Benefit In The Event Of An Employee Death1/1/2001
Benefits and Leaves of Absence
Code of Conduct (Employee)7/1/2012
Collection Of Debts Owed To The University (Employee)7/1/1998
Compensation and Payroll
Compensation Philosophy3/31/2011
Continuous Service Credit7/1/2006
Court Leave5/5/2015
Deferred Compensation7/1/2007
Disciplinary Action7/1/2005
Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Statement of Commitment to12/11/2001
Drug-Free Campus and Workplace1/1/1996
Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)9/1/2004
Educational Assistance (Student Fee Discount) For Spouses And Dependent Children Of Employees5/5/2005
Educational Leave12/1/2005
Emeritus Status6/19/1988
Employee Academic Misconduct Involving Students 4/27/17
Employee Relations Advisory Organization7/1/1998
Employment Of Minors7/1/1992
Employment Of Relatives7/1/1999
Employment Of University And State Of Tennessee Retired Employees7/1/2005
Employment Of University Employees By Other University Personnel
Employment Status2/1/2014
Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, And Diversity6/13/2008
Exit Interviews7/1/1996
Family and Medical Leave
Family and Medical Leave, BOT5/1/2015
Federal Lobbying Activities7/1/2014
Flex-Year Positions7/1/1989
Funeral And Bereavement Leave2/1/2014
Grievances (Employee)11/1/2001
Group Insurance
Group Insurance, BOT1/1/1998
Holidays (BOT)2/1/2014
Human Resources Development, Training2005
Human Resources Development1/1/2005
Leave Of Absence, staff12/1/2005
Leave Transfer Between the University and State Agencies2/1/1998
Longevity Pay7/1/2013
Military Leave7/1/2007
Notification of Policies Regarding Unlawful Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment2/1/1994
Operating Policy and Procedure System 4/13/2015
Overtime Compensation7/1/2013
Pay Rates7/1/2013
Pay Statements, Online
Performance Reviews for Regular Staff Employees1/1/2014
Permanent Residency Policy
Personal Leave2/1/2014
Personnel Files And Release Of Information1/1/2000
Post-Retirement Service Program4/1/2005
Probationary Period, Staff9/1/2002
Reduction In Force5/1/2015
Restoration of Force5/1/2015
Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans, BOT2/1/2014
Retirement Receptions10/1/2013
Salary Increase For Passing Certified Professional Secretary Examination7/1/2013
Sexual Harassment, BOT2/1/1994
Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking January 2017
Sick Leave2/1/2014
Sick Leave Bank
Sick Leave Bank, BOT7/1/2009
Sick Leave Transfer Between University Employees9/1/2014
Social Security Benefits7/1/2005
Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity12/11/2001
Supplemental Pay Practices7/1/2013
Termination Of Employment2/1/1998
Time Off To Vote5/15/1980
Title Lists9/1/2004
Tuition Discount, Employee, Form2003
Tuition Discounts for Spouses and Dependents, Form2003
Work Schedules7/1/2013