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Policy Name Version
Accounts Receivable6/17/2015
Advance Payment To Vendors9/1/2008
Approvals (Fiscal)12/1/2003
Approvals of Student Fees2/26/2015
Budgeting Current Unrestricted Funds5/1/2015
Campus Bookstore Purchases11/4/2013
Capital Outlay11/1/2014
Cash Shortages And Property Losses10/1/2014
Cellular Telephones And Other Wireless Communication Devices7/1/2011
Conflict Of Interests8/24/2012
Creating and/or Modifying Vendor Information4/1/2014
Credit Card Processing3/1/2014
Custody of Third-party Funds1/2/2013
Disposition Of Gift Personal Property8/8/2013
Duplication And Distribution Of Instructional Materials Prepared By Faculty7/15/1992
Employee Gift Acceptance Policy9/1/2014
Employee Services Between The University, Board Of Regents Institutions, And State Agencies5/29/2013
Fraud, Waste, And Abuse7/1/2006
Fringe Benefits Provided to Employees9/1/2014
Gift Cards9/1/2014
Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees, Taxability of7/15/2013
HIPAA Re-designation and General Policy6/1/2015
Housing for Senior-level Administrators6/24/2005
Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act11/1/2014
Independent Contractors4/1/2014
Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships5/5/2014
Insurance (Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, And Property)6/1/2004
Internal Transfers5/1/2003
Lease Of Real Property By Or To The University4/1/1990
Legislative Proposals and Funding Requests to the General Assembly, Process for Submitting10/3/2014
Memberships and Subscriptions3/15/2004
Moving Allowance9/1/2014
Operating Policy and Procedure System4/13/2015
Paying Contractors3/15/2004
Per diem rates7/1/2014
Petty Cash6/1/2015
Processing And Paying Invoices3/1/2011
Procurement Cards6/1/2015
Purchasing - Bidding Requirements6/1/2015
Purchasing - General Policies11/4/2013
Purchasing - Purchasing Equipment Under Capital Lease Agreements7/1/2015
Purchasing - Requisitions And Purchase Orders5/15/2003
Receiving And Depositing Money1/8/2013
Receiving Materials5/15/2003
Reconciling and Reviewing Departmental Ledgers3/31/2003
Reconciling And Reviewing Departmental Ledgers3/31/2003
Records Management9/1/2013
Reports on Discretionary Spending for Senior-level Administrators11/17/2014
Retirement Receptions10/1/2013
Service and Recharge Centers7/1/2006
Small and Minority-Owned Business Program
Sponsored Projects12/26/2014
Sponsored Projects - Code of Business Ethics11/1/2014
Sponsored Projects - Cost Sharing3/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Cost Transfers6/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Distinguishing Direct and Indirect costs1/20/2015
Sponsored Projects - Federal Salary Rate Limitation4/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Program Income5/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Effort Certification12/26/2014
Sponsored Projects - Program Income5/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Subaward Origination and Subrecipient Monitoring12/1/2014
Student Payments (Non-Employment Related)8/1/2014
Student Programs and Services Fee, Policy on6/19/2014
Surplus Property2/1/2014
Tax Exempt Bonds6/1/2015
Taxability of Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees7/15/2013
Travel (International Limitations)
Travel Policies
Travel, Policy Statement on10/9/2009
Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)
Unclaimed Property1/1/2010
University Aircraft1/30/2004
University Fiscal Policy, General Statement5/15/2004
University Vehicles, Use of11/1/2010
Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)1/1/2010
Vending and Solicitation on the University Campus8/1/2014
Workers' Compensation Insurance 6/1/2004