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Policy Name Version
Academic Disputes2/1/2006
Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure, Policies Governing3/16/2006
Academic Program Development2/25/2009
Academic Program Discontinuance2/27/2009
Accessibility Resources for Faculty2015
Accessible Technology Initiative, PolicyFeb 2014
Accessible Technology Initiative, Webpage6/17/2015
Adjunct Faculty Evaluation
Adjunct Faculty Orientation2015
Alcohol and Drug Policy, Faculty Handbook6/18/1998
Appointment, Evaluation, Promotion, Tenure & Review for Tenure2/1/2006
Blackboard (UTC Learn)
Compensated Outside Services2/25/1994
Confidentiality, Walker Center
Consenting Romantic or Sexual Relationships2/1/2006
Copyright Information
Course Scheduling9/26/2013
Course Substitution for DisabilityApril 2009
Course Syllabus Content9/15/2014
Curriculum and New Program Proposal Protocols2/25/2009
Departmental Bylaws
Developmental Leave11/17/2006
Duplication and Distribution of Instructional Materials Prepared by Faculty7/15/1992
Electronic Materials, Guidelines in Promotion and Tenure2007
Emeritus Status6/17/1988
Evaluation of Faculty2/1/2006
Faculty and Staff appointments2/1/2006
Faculty BylawsOct 2013
Faculty CredentialsDec 2006
Faculty Development Grants11/17/2006
Faculty Development Opportunities
Faculty Governance and OrganizationOct 2013
Faculty Handbook Revisions, Policy on (BOT)6/18/1992
Faculty Leaves of Absence11/17/2006
Faculty Responsibilities2/1/2006
Faculty Rights6/18/1998
Faculty Rights of Appeal, Evaluations2/1/2006
Faculty Rights of Appeal, through administrative channels6/18/1998
Grade Change Deadline12/19/2014
Grade Change Training
Graduate Council
Graduate Faculty
Honor Code Violation Report
Honorary Degrees, Policy on Awarding10/25/2002
Patents, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property6/19/2003
International Travel Policy for Faculty, Staff and Scholars (Students)
Leave Of Absence, faculty11/17/2006
MyMocsDegree Training
New Academic Program Proposals2/25/2009
New Faculty Orientation InformationCurrent year
Non-tenure-track Faculty2/1/2006
Online Programs
Operating Policy and Procedure System 4/13/2015
Organizational structure
Part-time Faculty Appointments2/1/2006
Permanent Residency Policy
Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure3/16/2006
Posthumous Degree2010
Posthumous Grade2010
Probationary Period, Faculty2/1/2006
Promotion and Tenure bylaws
Responsibility for CurriculumOct 2013
Responsibility for Curriculum7/17/2014
Scheduling of General Instructional Space9/26/2013
Sexual Harassment2/01/1994
Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking, Policy on January 2017
Substantive change GuidelinesNov 2009
Tenure, BOT3/16/2006
University Committee MembershipOct 2013
University Policies, Compliance with
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