Comprehensive List of Policies and Procedures

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Academic Advising, freshmen
Academic Calendar
Academic Common Market
Academic Dismissal, Graduate2015-2016
Academic Dismissal, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Disputes2/1/2006
Academic Forgiveness2015-2016
Academic Forgiveness Form
Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure, Policies Governing3/16/2006
Academic Majors
Academic Majors and Minors, Declaring2015-2016
Academic Minors
Academic Probation, Graduate2015-2016
Academic Probation, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Program Development2/25/2009
Academic Program Discontinuance2/27/2009
Academic Standing, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Suspension2015-2016
Accelerated Graduate Program, G Catalog2015-2016
Accelerated Graduate Program, UG Catalog2015-2016
Acceptable Use Of Information Technology Resources
Acceptable Use Of Information Technology Resources, BOT3/11/2015
Accessibility Resources for Faculty2015
Accessible Disability Parking Policy June 2017
Accessible Technology Initiative PolicyFeb 2014
Accessible Technology Initiative Webpage6/17/2015
Accounts Receivable6/17/2015
Active Shooter and Hostage Situations
Acts of Violence
Adaptive Technology
Adjunct Faculty Evaluation
Adjunct Faculty Orientation2015
Admission of Student Applicants with Criminal or Disciplinary History, Policy on 8/1/2019
Admission Requirements, Adult Students
Admission Requirements, Freshmen
Admission Requirements, Graduate School2015-2016
Admission Requirements, International Students
Admission Requirements, UG Readmission
Admission Requirements, Readmission (post-baccalaureate)
Admission Requirements, Transfer Students
Admission Requirements, Transient Students
Administrative Closings2/1/2014
Advance Payment To Vendors9/1/2008
AED'sJan 2014
Alcohol and Drug Policy, Faculty Handbook6/18/1998
Alcohol and Drug Policy2014-2015
Alcohol and Drug PolicyHandbook 2016-17
Animal Care and Use Committee
Animal Procurement and UseNov 2013
Annual Leave
Annual Leave (Vacation), BOT2/1/2014
Appointment, Evaluation, Promotion, Tenure & Review for Tenure2/1/2006
Approvals (Fiscal)12/1/2003
Approvals of Student Fees2/26/2015
Aquatic and Recreation Center
ARC Membership
ARC Pool Rentals
Articulation Agreements (Transfer Coursework)
Athletic Event Student Tickets Handbook 2016-17
Attendance (Employee)7/1/1985
Attendance Guidelines for Military
Attendance, Undergraduate2015-2016
Banners on Campus, UC Commons
Behavioral Intervention Team
Benefit In The Event Of An Employee Death1/1/2001
Benefits and Leaves of Absence
Bicycle Registration
Biological Safety9/1/2005
Blackboard (UTC Learn)
Board of Trustees Policies
Bomb Threat
Budgeting Current Unrestricted Funds5/1/2015
Building Modifications
Campus Bookstore Purchases11/4/2013
Campus Police Forms
Campus Recreation Policies
Candidacy Form2015-2016
Candidacy, Admission to 2015-2016
Candidacy, Application for 2/5/2011
Capital Outlay11/1/2014
Cash Shortages And Property Losses10/1/2014
Catalog effective dates, Graduate2015-2016
Catalog effective dates, Undergraduate2015-2016
Cellular Telephones And Other Wireless Communication Devices7/1/2011
Center for Academic Support and Advisement
Chemical Hygiene Plan - OSHA Compliance
Chemical Release/Spill
Class Overrides
Clear Paths
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)2015-2016
Clery Act
Closed Classes
Code of Business Ethics, Sponsored Projects11/1/2014
Code of Conduct (Employee)7/1/2012
Code of Conduct (Student)Handbook 2016-17
Code of Ethics for Appointed Trustees10/9/2009
Collection Of Debts Owed To The University (Employee)7/1/1998
Commencement Information
Commencement Participation - Student
Compensated Outside Services2/25/1994
Compensation and Payroll
Compensation Philosophy3/31/2011
Computer Purchases for UTC
Computing Resource Use Policy
Confidentiality (FERPA)
Confidentiality, Walker Center
Confined Space Entry Procedure5/10/2012
Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees6/17/1992
Conflict Of Interests8/24/2012
Consenting Romantic or Sexual Relationships2/1/2006
Continuation Standards, Graduate2015-2016
Continuation Standards, Undergraduate2015-2016
Continuous Service Credit7/1/2006
Contracts - Award Contracts and Subawards
Copyright Information
Correspondence Work (PLA)2015-2016
Course fees
Course Repeat and Replacement, Undergraduate2015-2016
Course Scheduling9/26/2013
Course Substitution for DisabilityApril 2009
Course Syllabus Content9/15/2014
Court Leave5/5/2015
Creating and/or Modifying Vendor Information4/1/2014
Credit Card Processing3/1/2014
Crime Statistics Handbook and Policies2014-2015
Curriculum and New Program Proposal Protocols2/25/2009
Custody of Third-party Funds1/2/2013
Dean's List2015-2016
Deferred Compensation7/1/2007
Degree Verification
Degree Works (Faculty and Staff Training)
Departmental Bylaws
Departmental Honors
Destruction of Educational Records
Developmental Leave11/17/2006
Directory Information
Disability Accommodations & Services Request
Disability Documentation Guidelines
Disability Services Registration
Disciplinary Action7/1/2005
Disposition Of Gift Personal Property8/8/2013
Distance Learning & Off- Campus Instructional Sites 11/30/2016
Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Statement of Commitment to12/11/2001
Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing from Classes
Drug-Free Campus and Workplace1/1/1996
Duplication And Distribution Of Instructional Materials Prepared By Faculty7/15/1992
Editorial Guide for UTC
Educational Accommodations for Pregnant Students, Policy On 4/27/2017
Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)9/1/2004
Educational Assistance (Student Fee Discount) For Spouses And Dependent Children Of Employees5/5/2005
Educational Leave12/1/2005
Electronic Mail Policy7/14/2000
Electronic Materials, Guidelines in Promotion and Tenure2007
Elevator Entrapment
Email, Campus
Emergency Management
Emergency Management, BOT5/24/2011
Emeritus Status6/18/1988
Employee Academic Misconduct Involving Students 4/27/17
Employee Gift Acceptance Policy9/1/2014
Employee Relations Advisory Organization7/1/1998
Employee Services Between The University, Board Of Regents Institutions, And State Agencies5/29/2013
Employment Of Minors7/1/1992
Employment Of Relatives7/1/1999
Employment Of University And State Of Tennessee Retired Employees7/1/2005
Employment Of University Employees By Other University Personnel
Employment Status2/1/2014
Enrollment Verification/Status
Environmental Compliance
Environmental Health and Safety Records4/29/2013
Environmental Protection, UTC
Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, And Diversity6/13/2008
Evaluation of Faculty2/1/2006
Event Alcohol Service and Use Policy 8/01/2017
Exception to Withdrawal Deadline
Exit Exam, Senior
Exit Interviews7/1/1996
Facilities & Grounds Usage FormAug 2014
Facilities Use Policy April 2016
Faculty and Staff Appointments2/1/2006
Faculty BylawsOct 2013
Faculty CredentialsDec 2006
Faculty Development Grants11/17/2006
Faculty Development Opportunities
Faculty Governance and OrganizationOct 2013
Faculty Handbook
Faculty Handbook Revisions, Policies (BOT)6/18/1992
Faculty Leaves of Absence11/17/2006
Faculty Responsibilities2/1/2006
Faculty Rights6/18/1998
Faculty Rights of Appeal, Evaluations2/1/2006
Faculty Rights of Appeal, through administrative channels6/18/1998
Family and Medical Leave
Family and Medical Leave, BOT5/1/2015
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
Federal Lobbying Activities7/1/2014
FeesCurrent year
Final Exams Schedule
Financial Aid Eligibility
First Aid/Medical Treatment, UTC
Flex-Year Positions7/1/1989
Fraud, Waste, And Abuse7/1/2006
Fringe Benefits Provided to Employees9/1/2014
Funeral And Bereavement Leave2/1/2014
General Education at UTC
General Education Petitions Form
General Education Requirements2015-2016
Gift Cards9/1/2014
Good Academic Standing, Undergraduate2015-2016
Grade Appeal Procedure, Undergraduate Handbook 2016-17
Grade Appeals Form, GraduateNov 2005
Grade Appeals, Graduate2016-2017
Grade Appeals, Undergraduate (Faculty Handbook)
Grade Appeals, Undergraduate
Grade Change Deadline12/19/2014
Grade Change Training
Grade Changes
Grade Point Average, Graduate2015-2016
Grade Point Average, Lottery (TELS)
Grade Point Average Calculation
Grades, Undergraduate2015-2016
Grading Policies, Graduate2015-2016
Grading Policies, Undergraduate2015-2016
Graduate Council
Graduate Faculty
Graduate Petitions2015-2016
Graduate Petitions Form3/12/2013
Graduate School Policies2015-2016
Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees, Taxability of7/15/2013
Graduation Application Instructions, Graduate
Graduation Application Instructions, Undergraduate
Graduation Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree2015-2016
Graduation, General
Grants - Partnership Policies and Procedures
Graphic Guidelines
Grievances (Employee)11/1/2001
Group Insurance
Group Insurance, BOT1/1/1998
Hazardous Communication Program, Forms
Hazardous Material Safety2/1/2005
Hazardous Materials, Shipping Dangerous Goods/
Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures
Heritage Plaza UseNov 2013
High School Deficiencies
High Winds or Tornado
HIPAA Privacy RuleMay 2013
HIPAA Re-designation and General Policy6/1/2015
Holidays (BOT)2/1/2014
Honor Code and Honor Court, Faculty Handbook2/1/2006
Honor Code and Honor Court
Honor Code and Honor Court, Student Handbook Handbook 2016-17
Honor Code Pledge Handbook 2016-17
Honor Code Violation Report
Honorary Degrees, Policy on Awarding10/25/2002
Honors Categories for Graduation
Honors Programs
Hot Work, OSHA
Housing for Senior-level Administrators6/24/2005
Human Resources Development, BOT1/1/2005
Human Resources Development, Training2005
Implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act11/1/2014
Inclement Weather
Incomplete Grade Extension, Graduate2015-2016
Incomplete Grade, Undergraduate2015-2016
Independent Contractors4/1/2014
Indicia Licensing, Promotions, and Sponsorships5/5/2014
Infectious Disease Control Program
Information And Computer System Classification6/18/2015
Information Security Policies, UTC
Information Security Program Creation, Implementation, and Maintenance10/1/2014
Information Technology Resources and Services
Informed Consent
Injury or Illness
Institutional Review Board
Insurance (Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, And Property)6/1/2004
Insurance Information
Intellectual Property 6/19/2003
Interim Suspension Handbook 2016-17
Internal Transfers5/1/2003
International Programs
International Travel Policy for Faculty, Staff and Scholars (Students)
Internet, Connecting to the
Ionizing Radiation Safety4/29/2013
Key Policy
Lab Fees
Laser Safety4/29/2013
Latin honors
Lease Of Real Property By Or To The University4/1/1990
Leave Of Absence, faculty11/17/2006
Leave Of Absence, staff12/1/2005
Leave Transfer Between the University and State Agencies2/1/1998
Legislative Proposals and Funding Requests to the General Assembly, Process for Submitting10/3/2014
Library privileges and access
Library Procedures, Other
Logos, Public Use
Longevity Pay7/1/2013
Maclellan Gymnasium
Maximum hours per term, Graduate
Maximum hours per term, Undergraduate
Medical Records for Animals Used in Research and Teaching
Memberships and Subscriptions3/15/2004
Military Leave7/1/2007
Minors in Laboratories and Shops4/29/2013
Minors on Campus1/1/2014
Minors on Campus, BOT1/1/2014
Misconduct in Research and Service, Policy on10/28/2005
Moving Allowance9/1/2014
Moving Guidelines (on campus)
MyMocsDegree Training
Naming of Facilities and Other Assets of the University of Tennessee, Policy on the10/22/2010
New Academic Program Proposals2/25/2009
New Faculty Orientation InformationCurrent year
Non-Sexist Language
Non-tenure-track Faculty2/1/2006
Notification of Policies Regarding Unlawful Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment2/1/1994
NR Grades, Undergraduate
Online Programs
Operating Policy and Procedure System4/13/2015
Organizational Chart
OSHA Compliance
Outdoor Equipment Rental
Outdoor Event SchedulingNov 2013
Overrides, Registration
Overtime Compensation7/1/2013
Partnerships and Sponsored Programs
Part-time Faculty Appointments2/1/2006
Password Change
Password Composition
Patents, Copyrights, and Other Intellectual Property6/19/2003
Pay Rates7/1/2013
Pay Statements, Online
Paying Contractors3/15/2004
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Per diem rates7/1/2014
Performance Reviews for Regular Staff Employees1/1/2014
Permanent Residency Policy
Personal Leave2/1/2014
Personal Protective Equipment
Personnel Files And Release Of Information1/1/2000
Pet Policy
Petitions Form, Graduate
Petitions, Undergraduate2015-2016
Petty Cash6/1/2015
Phones and Voicemail
Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure3/16/2006
Policy Statement on Presidential Performance Reviews2/27/2014
Pool Rentals
Posthumous Degree2010
Posthumous Grade2010
Post-Retirement Service Program4/1/2005
Powerpoint Templates
Presidential Performance Reviews, Policy Statement on2/27/2014
Prior Learning Assessment Credit, Catalog2015-2016
Prior Learning Assessment Credit, WebpageMay 2015
Probationary Period, Faculty2/1/2006
Probationary Period, Staff9/1/2002
Regional Tuition Credit (discount)
Regional Tuition Credit, Graduate Form
Registration FAQs
Registration Holds
Registration Information
Registration Instructions
Registration Limits, Graduate
Registration Limits, Undergraduate
Registration Overrides
Registration Process
Repeated Courses, Graduate2015-2016
Repeating Courses, Undergraduate2015-2016
Reporting a Crime
Reporting Safety And Health Concerns2/1/2004
Reports on Discretionary Spending for Senior-level Administrators11/17/2014
Residence Hall Policies
Residency Requirements, Graduation, Undergraduate2015-2016
Residency Status8/12/1986
Respiratory Protection Program
Responsibility for CurriculumOct 2013
Responsibility for Curriculum, Faculty Handbook7/17/2014
Restoration of Force5/1/2015
Retirement Plans
Retirement Plans, BOT2/1/2014
Retirement Receptions10/1/2013
Revision of the Faculty Handbook (Bylaws)Oct 2013
S/NC Grading System, Graduate2015-2016
S/NC Grading System, Undergraduate2015-2016
Safe Zone
Safety And Environmental Health Program4/29/2013
Safety And Environmental Health Responsibilities4/29/2013
Safety Committee4/29/2013
Safety Services and Resources
Safety Training5/1/2014
Salary Increase For Passing Certified Professional Secretary Examination7/1/2013
Satisfactory Academic Progress (FA)Fall 2013
Scantron Grading
Scheduling of General Instructional Space9/26/2013
Second Bachelor's Degree2015-2016
Second Majors2015-2016
Secure Network Infrastructure3/11/2015
Security Awareness, Training, and Education
Security Incident, Reporting, and Response
Service and Recharge Centers7/1/2006
Sexist Language
Sexual Harassment2015
Sexual Harassment, Faculty Handbook6/18/1998
Sexual Harassment, BOT2/1/1994
Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking, Policy on January 2017
Sexual Offense Reporting2/1/1994
Shipping Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials
Sick Leave2/1/2014
Sick Leave Bank
Sick Leave Bank, BOT7/1/2009
Sick Leave Transfer Between University Employees9/1/2014
Sidewalk Chalking Policy April 2016
Small and Minority-Owned Business Program
Smoke Free Campus Policy 1/1/2019
Social Media Policy
Social Security Benefits7/1/2005
Software for Faculty and Staff
Software for Students
Space Management
Sponsored Projects12/26/2014
Sponsored Projects - Code of Business Ethics11/1/2014
Sponsored Projects - Cost Sharing3/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Cost Transfers6/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Distinguishing Direct and Indirect costs1/20/2015
Sponsored Projects - Effort Certification12/26/2014
Sponsored Projects - Federal Salary Rate Limitation4/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Program Income5/1/2015
Sponsored Projects - Subaward Origination and Subrecipient Monitoring12/1/2014
Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Equal Opportunity12/11/2001
StationeryApril 2015
Student Basketball Tickets Handbook 2016-17
Student Classification, Undergraduate2015-2016
Student Complaints
Student Advocacy & Support
Student FeesCurrent year
Student Football Tickets Handbook 2016-17
Student in Distress
Student Payments (Non-Employment Related)8/1/2014
Student Programs and Services Fee, Policy on6/19/2014
Student Records
Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 2016-17
Students with Disabilities
Substantive Change (SACS)
Substantive change GuidelinesNov 2009
Summer Fellowships
Supplemental Pay Practices7/1/2013
Surplus Property2/1/2014
Suspicious Mail/Packages/Bags
Tax Exempt Bonds6/1/2015
Taxability of Graduate Tuition Waiver for Employees7/15/2013
Tech Support for Students, Faculty, and Staff
Technology in the Residence Halls
TELS grade point average
Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP)
Tenure, BOT3/16/2006
Termination Of Employment2/1/1998
Time Off To Vote5/15/1980
Title IX
Title Lists9/1/2004
Tornado, High Winds or
Transfer Credit, Graduate2015-2016
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate Catalog2015-2016
Transfer Equivalency Charts, Frequent Institutions
Transfer Equivalency, Coursework
Transfer policies
Transient Students2015-2016
Travel (International Limitations)
Travel Policies
Travel, Policy Statement on10/9/2009
Tuition Discount, Employee, Form2003
Tuition Discounts for Spouses and Dependents, Form2003
Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)Fall 2015
Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
Unclaimed Property1/1/2010
Undergraduate Grade Appeal Process
Undergraduate Petitions2015-2016
University Aircraft1/30/2004
University Center Digital Message BoardMay 2013
University Center Lobby TablesMay 2013
University Center UseAug 2007
University Committee MembershipOct 2013
University Fiscal Policy, General Statement5/15/2004
University Honors
University Policies, Compliance with
University Vehicles, Use of11/1/2010
University Web Page Policies
Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI)1/1/2010
Unsafe Conditions, Report
Use of University Property by Non-Affiliated Persons
UTC Alert
UTC Learn
Vans, 15 passenger
Vending and Solicitation on the University Campus8/1/2014
Veterans Affairs, Records Office
Veterans Affairs, Student Development
Victim's Rights (Sexual Offense)
Violence, Acts of
Waitlist (for courses)
Web Pages
Wireless Access
Wireless Networks at UTC
Withdrawal from Classes, Graduate2015-2016
Withdrawal from Classes, Undergraduate2015-2016
Withdrawal, Exception to Deadline Form
Withdrawing from the University, Undergraduate
Work Requests
Work Schedules7/1/2013
Workers' Compensation Insurance 6/1/2004