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Policy Name Version
Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure, Policies Governing3/16/2006
Academic Program Discontinuance2/27/2009
Accessible Disability Parking Policy June 2017
Board of Trustees Policies
Code of Ethics for Appointed Trustees10/9/2009
Conflict of Interest Policy for Trustees6/17/1992
Editorial Guide for UTC
Electronic Mail Policy7/14/2000
Event Alcohol Service and Use Policy 8/01/2017
Facilities & Grounds Usage FormAugust 2014
Facilities Use Policy April 2016
Faculty Handbook Revisions, Policy on (BOT)6/18/1992
FeesCurrent year
Graphic Guidelines
Honorary Degrees, Policy on Awarding10/25/2002
Key Policy
Logos, Public Use
Minors on Campus, BOT1/1/2014
Misconduct in Research and Service, Policy on10/28/2005
Moving Guidelines (on campus)
Naming of Facilities and Other Assets of the University of Tennessee, Policy on the10/22/2010
Non-Sexist Language
Notification of Policies Regarding Unlawful Discrimination, including Sexual Harassment2/1/1994
Operating Policy and Procedure System 4/13/2015
Permanent Residency Policy
Policies Governing Academic Freedom Responsibility and Tenure3/16/2006
Policy Statement on Presidential Performance Reviews2/27/2014
Presidential Performance Reviews, Policy Statement on2/27/2014
Procedure for Administrative Closing / Suspension of Operations 12/15/2017
Public Records Request
Publication Best Practices
Publication Numbering System
Records Request
Refund Policies, StudentCurrent year
Sexist Language
Sexual Harassment2015
Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence and Stalking, Policy on January 2017
Sexual Offense Reporting2/1/1994
Smoke Free Campus Policy 1/1/2019
Social Media Policy
Space Management
Student FeesCurrent year
Student Programs and Services Fee, Policy on6/19/2014
Tenure, BOT3/16/2006
Title IX
Travel, Policy Statement on10/9/2009
Tuition Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)Fall 2015
University Web Page Policies
Use of University Property by Non-Affiliated Persons
Web Pages
Work Requests