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Academic Advising, freshmen
Academic Calendar
Academic Common Market
Academic Dismissal, Graduate2015-2016
Academic Dismissal, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Forgiveness2015-2016
Academic Forgiveness Form
Academic Majors
Academic Majors and Minors, Declaring2015-2016
Academic Minors
Academic Probation, Graduate2015-2016
Academic Probation, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Standing, Undergraduate2015-2016
Academic Suspension2015-2016
Accelerated Graduate Program, G Catalog2015-2016
Accelerated Graduate Program, UG Catalog2015-2016
Accessibility Resources for Faculty2015
Accessible Technology Initiative PolicyFeb-2014
Accessible Technology Initiative Webpage6/17/2015
Admission Requirements, Adult Students
Admission Requirements, Freshmen
Admission Requirements, Graduate School2015-2016
Admission Requirements, International Students
Admission Requirements, Readmission
Admission Requirements, Readmission (post-baccalaureate)
Admission Requirements, Transfer Students
Admission Requirements, Transient Students
Articulation Agreements (Transfer Coursework)
Attendance Guidelines for Military
Attendance, Undergraduate2015-2016
Candidacy Form2015-2016
Candidacy, Admission to 2015-2016
Candidacy, Application for 2/5/2011
Catalog effective dates, Graduate2015-2016
Catalog effective dates, Undergraduate2015-2016
Class Overrides
Clear Paths
CLEP (College Level Examination Program)2015-2016
Closed Classes
Commencement Information
Commencement Participation - Student
Computing Resource Use Policy
Confidentiality (FERPA)
Continuation Standards, Undergraduate2015-2016
Correspondence Work (PLA)2015-2016
Course fees
Course Repeat and Replacement, Undergraduate2015-2016
Course Scheduling9/26/2013
Curriculum and New Program Proposal Protocols2/25/2009
Dean's List2015-2016
Degree Verification
Degree Works (Faculty and Staff Training)
Departmental Honors
Destruction of Educational Records
Directory Information
Distance Learning & Off- Campus Instructional Sites 11/30/2016
Dropping, Adding, or Withdrawing from Classes
Educational Accommodations for Pregnant Students, Policy On 4/27/2017
Electronic Materials, Guidelines in Promotion and Tenure
Enrollment Verification/Status
Exception to Withdrawal Deadline
Exit Exam, Senior
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)
Final Exams Schedule
Financial Aid Eligibility
General Education at UTC
General Education Petitions Form
General Education Requirements2015-2016
Good Academic Standing, Undergraduate2015-2016
Grade Appeals form, GraduateNov 2005
Grade Appeals, Graduate
Grade Appeals, Undergraduate, Faculty Handbook
Grade Appeals, Undergraduate
Grade Change Deadline12/19/2014
Grade Changes
Grade Point Average, Graduate2015-2016
Grade Point Average, Lottery (TELS)
Grade Point Average Calculation
Grades, Undergraduate2015-2016
Grading policies, Graduate2015-2016
Grading policies, Undergraduate2015-2016
Graduate Petitions2015-2016
Graduate Petitions Form3/12/2013
Graduate School Policies2015-2016
Graduation Application, Undergraduate
Graduation Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree2015-2016
Graduation, General
Graduation, Graduate2015-2016
High School Deficiencies
Honor Code and Honor Court2/1/2006
Honors Categories for Graduation
Honors Programs
Incomplete grade extension, Graduate2015-2016
Incomplete grade, Undergraduate2015-2016
International Programs
Lab Fees
Latin honors
Library privileges and access
Library Procedures, Other
Maximum hours per term, Graduate
Maximum hours per term, Undergraduate
NR Grades, Undergraduate
Operating Policy and Procedure System4/13/2015
Overrides, Registration
Petitions Form, Graduate
Petitions, Undergraduate2015-2016
Posthumous Degree2010
Posthumous Grade2010
Prior Learning Assessment Credit, Catalog2015-2016
Prior Learning Assessment Credit, WebpageMay 2015
Regional Tuition Credit (discount)
Regional Tuition Credit, Graduate Form
Registration FAQs
Registration Holds
Registration Information
Registration Instructions
Registration Limits, Graduate
Registration Limits, Undergraduate
Registration Overrides
Registration Process
Repeated Courses, Graduate2015-2016
Repeating Courses, Undergraduate2015-2016
Residency Requirements, Graduation, Undergraduate2015-2016
Residency Status
S/NC Grading System, Graduate2015-2016
S/NC Grading System, Undergraduate2015-2016
Satisfactory Academic Progress (FA)Fall 2013
Second Bachelor's Degree2015-2016
Second Majors2015-2016
Sexual Offense Reporting2/1/1994
Student Classification, Undergraduate2015-2016
Student Records
Substantive Change (SACS)
Summer Fellowships
Syllabus Resources for Faculty
TELS grade point average
Tennessee Transfer Pathways (TTP)
Transfer Credit, Graduate2015-2016
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate
Transfer Credit, Undergraduate Catalog2015-2016
Transfer Equivalency Charts, Frequent Institutions
Transfer Equivalency, Coursework
Transfer policies
Transient Students2015-2016
Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction
Undergraduate Grade Appeal Process
Undergraduate Petitions2015-2016
University Honors
Veterans Affairs, Records Office
Waitlist (for courses)
Withdrawal from Classes, Graduate2015-2016
Withdrawal from Classes, Undergraduate2015-2016
Withdrawal, Exception to Deadline Form
Withdrawal, Medical
Withdrawing from the University, Undergraduate