Application for Professional Development Leave



Professional development leave, traditionally known as sabbatical, is defined in §6.3.4 of the UTC Faculty Handbook. The award of a professional development leave “is an investment by UTC in the expectation that the leave will enhance the faculty member's ability to contribute to the objectives of UTC and to student development.”



Faculty at UTC are eligible for professional development leave provided they are full-time, and tenured, and have completed a minimum of six consecutive years of service in a full- time appointment immediately prior to the time the professional development leave is to begin.



The improvements sought during professional development leave should benefit the work of the faculty member, department, college, and university. Only professional development leave proposals that meet this criterion will be accepted and approved by UTC. The purposes for which professional development leave may be granted include

  1. research on significant problems and issues;
  2. important creative or descriptive work in any means of expression;
  3. post-doctoral study at another institution; and
  4. other approved projects, including innovations in teaching and learning.


Duration and Compensation

Professional development leave may be granted for either:

  1. one-half the faculty member's annual appointment period at the faculty member's full base salary rate; or
  2. the faculty member's full annual appointment period at one-half of the faculty member's full base salary rate.

For additional details on compensation and benefits, please see the UTC Faculty Handbook, §§


Proposal Evaluation

Proposals for professional development leave will be evaluated based on the following criteria. See the attached rubric for complete details, including scoring and weights.

  • Plan for Development – The plan expresses how the development leave fits within the larger context of the faculty member’s career trajectory and the strategic goals of UTC. The plan would leave the faculty member fundamentally changed and prepared for new accomplishments.
  • Development Outcomes – The outcomes are clear, measureable, and lead to the success of the development plan. Outcomes should be described for the individual and institution, as appropriate.
  • Faculty Member – The faculty member possesses the requisite knowledge and training to engage in the development plan.

Evaluators may also consider the following ancillary factors, when considering the entire slate of sabbatical applications.

  • Individual sabbatical record.
  • Departmental and college instructional capacity.


Application Process & Materials

In September of each year the Provost will call for applications for professional development leave. An eligible faculty member may apply by preparing an application (contents detailed below), which is submitted to her or his department head. The department head must review the application and submit a recommendation to the dean of the department’s college. The deans, as members of Dean’s Council, will collectively review the applications and make a recommendations to the Provost. The Provost will make a final decision on each application.

Each faculty member applying for professional development leave must submit the following to her or his department head:

  • Professional development leave plan – A concise statement of purpose and plan for your professional development leave, identifying specific activities, personal impact, institutional impact, and measurable outcomes. Please limit to 2 pages (i.e. front and back of a single sheet).
  • Faculty Record – An abbreviated Curriculum Vitæ that identifies germane qualifications, e.g. experience and accomplishments. Please limit the last six years.

Each department head receiving an application which includes the above materials, should submit it along with the following to her or his dean:

  • Brief memorandum – Clear indication of whether proposal is recommended or not recommended by the head, including context. Also a brief statement of how the department would accommodate the loss of the faculty member in the event that the leave is approved.

All materials should be collected by the dean and provided to Academic Affairs for evaluation.


Final Report

Within 90 days of completion of a professional development leave, the faculty member author file a report which directly addresses the plan and the outcomes. The report should be provided to the department head, dean, and Provost and a copy will be stored in UTC Faculty Records.




Share of Final Score







Plan for development

50% Vision for transformational development during leave. Vision for exceptional development during leave. Vision for acceptable development during leave. Vision for modest development during leave. Vision for minimal development during leave. No vision.

Development outcomes

40% All outcomes specific, measurable. Most outcomes specific, measurable. Some outcomes specific, measurable. Few outcomes specific, measureable. Almost no outcomes specific or measurable. No specific or measurable outcomes.

Faculty member

10% Strongly professionally qualified to undertake plan. Strongly professionally qualified to undertake plan. Somewhat professionally qualified to undertake plan. Weakly professionally qualified to undertake plan. Minimally qualified to undertake plan. No qualifications to undertake plan.