Curriculum Development at UTC

At UTC the faculty and the academic administration share responsibility for the careful cultivation of the curriculum. As disciplines change over time, the faculty may propose new degree programs and courses and the University can offer its students expanded alternatives for study. Likewise, courses or even degrees may be eliminated or changed.

Faculty may submit proposals to change the curriculum which then must be considered by a department, a college, the Faculty Senate, and Academic Affairs before implementation. As needed, affected academic units are also included in the process.

UTC uses Curriculog to facilitate this process.

Accessing Curriculog

To engage with the curriculum development process, either as an author or an approver, you must first have an account on the system. To request an account please email Once you have an account, you can log in through the main UTC Curriculog website. The front page of that site should look like the image below.


Front Page of the curriculog site


The system uses your UTC credentials to authenticate.

Authenticating with utc
Figure 1: 
Authenticating with UTC to use Curriculog.

  • If you have not recently logged into a UTC service, clicking the “Login” link will redirect you to the sign-on page (see image at right) where you can enter your UTCID (e.g. abc123) and UTC password.
  • If you have recently logged into a UTC service (like Banner) then the system may not ask you for a username and password when you click the “Login” link on that UTC Curriculog website.


Using Curriculog

Curriculog is workflow driven. A curriculum change begins as a proposal initiated by a faculty member, which is then routed through a series of approval steps. Provided the proposal is approved through all levels, the workflow ends with a modification of a future version of the University course catalog.

UTC offers the following proposal types:

  • New Course
  • Course Modification
  • Course Deactivation
  • New Program
  • Program Modification
  • Program Deactivation


We are offering two training sessions to begin the use of Curriculog at UTC:

  • First session: Monday 12 August 2019, 9:00AM – 11:00AM in Library 201
  • Second session: Monday 12 August 2019, 1:00PM – 3:00PM in Library 201

Both sessions will cover identical material, and are suitable for all faculty and administrators involved in the curriculum process.


If you are working with the Curriculog software, please reach out to as you find you need help. Questions about the curriculum itself and the content of your proposals should be directed to your departmental colleagues and the Records Office.