Administrative Responsibilities


Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

The Provost serves as the chief academic officer of the university. The Provost is responsible for all academic programs and certain student support services. Deans and other administrators in Academic Affairs report to the Provost.


A dean is responsible and has the authority for the overall operation of his/her unit to ensure and maximize student success and degree completion. This responsibility entails budget management and working collaboratively with university administration and through department heads to deliver academic programming. The work of the dean aligns his/her unit with the vision and strategic plan of the university. Every dean has these administrative concerns: the academic program of the college or school; the special relationships among its departments and its relationship with the larger university and the extended public; the faculty of the college or school; and the leadership of the academic unit (including department heads, committees and advisory boards), their well-being, development, review, assessment and renewal; support services for conduct of college or school business (support staff, facilities, equipment); and budget preparation, review and analysis for the college or school. A dean plays a crucial role in faculty hiring and department head appointments in his/her unit. In addition, a dean participates in fund raising activities as a means to secure other funding from supporters and friends of the university.

The dean serves at the pleasure of the Provost and the Chancellor.

An evaluation of the performance of the deans is conducted annually by the Provost.

Vice, Associate, and Assistant Provost

Individuals serving in these roles oversee operations such as Walker Center for Teaching and Learning and university accreditation.

Director of Academic Affairs Business Operations

The Director of Business Operations interacts with all units in Academic Affairs on budgetary matters and faculty and staff hiring procedures. In addition, this individual provides advice and input on operational issues in Academic Affairs units.