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Outdoor Venue Scheduled Use Guidelines


  • Coordinate vehicle access with Facilities (423.425.4521) at least 24 hours prior to the event or 48 hours prior for weekend events.
  • No chairs, tents, awnings, etc. on the lawn.
  • No device or equipment which would in any way mar or penetrate the concrete paver or sidewalk area is allowed in the Heritage Plaza or Shakespeare garden areas.
  • No defacing of any paving, pavers, seating, columns, or any surface in the plaza area - this includes the use of chalk, paint, etc.
  • No moving of any furnishings, including tables, chairs, benches, planters.
  • No climbing on tables, chairs, light posts, trash cans, columns, planters, trees.
  • Debris/litter must be cleaned up after use of area (to include emptying of trash cans into dumpster if they are overflowing) or a clean-up charge will be accessed.
  • No guarantee of exclusive use.
  • No food or drink may be served on the cobble stone areas
  • Event must not block pedestrian and handicapped access to immediate and surrounding areas.
  • No hanging or affixing decorations, fliers or signs from lamp posts, columns or trees.
  • No grills, except on asphalt of street.
  • Attendant, advisor or University official may be required to be present depending on the planned function and University affiliation.
  • Rental fee may apply depending on the planned function and University affiliation.