Danforth Chapel

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Danforth Chapel is a small chapel seating 50. Dedicated in 1952, the chapel doors face out onto Oak Street where many a couple have left via horse and carriage. The chapel is connected to Hooper-Race hall with nearby restrooms and snack areas are available.

Located across the hall from the English-style Shakespeare Garden outside Patten Chapel, Danforth is perfect for small events that emphasize intimacy. Parking is available in Lot 26, across Douglas Street near Fletcher Hall. (See Map)The layout of Danforth Chapel is very simple. The chapel is all brick with paneled glass windows. The carpet is red. One of Danforth's best features is the small round flower-like window located at the top of the chancel. The pews are made of golden stained oak.

For information on renting either Patten or Danforth Chapel please call Mrs. Mal Long (Monday and Tuesday only) in the UTC Arena Administrative Office at 423.425.2115. Her office is in the McKenzie Arena Administrative Offices (Room 302) on the 3rd floor of the Arena.