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Student FAQs

How do I make an appointment?

  • Sign up on the appointment book in Holt 119
  • Call us at (423) 425-1774

Do I need a complete draft to work with a consultant?

No. Students may come in at any stage in the writing process. In fact, it can be helpful to come in with an assignment sheet before choosing a topic. Consultants can help students brainstorm for topics, and students may make several appointments to work with consultants over successive drafts.

What kind of writers come to the UTC Writing Center?

Smart writers, from novice to professional, all recognize the value of peer feedback, so if you want to be in the company of a bunch of smart writers, Holt 119 is the place to be. We welcome writers of all levels and never think that any writing question is stupid.

Will someone in the center proofread my paper?

While we will not proofread or edit per se, we will help writers learn proofreading and editing strategies

How may I make use of the Writing Center computers?

Writing Center computers are available for:

  • Word processing
  • Research via online databases
  • Printing student texts of 1-5 pages/per visit

For general computer use (i.e., email, web surfing, printing long documents), please make use of the UTC Library.

Are consultation sessions confidential?

Yes, consultation sessions are confidential. Unless a student gives us permission to report to a professor, we will not divulge to others the content of any consultation session. Students wishing to receive extra credit for visiting the center (when the professor is inclined to award such credit) must complete a Consultation Session Self-Assessment form immediately after a consultation session; the cooperating consultant will sign this form once the writer has completed it.