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WISE Women 2014-15

Harlee, Brooke, Airen, Sarah-Grace, and Emily

Women Investing in Student Empowerment



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Leadership Chair-Airen Nickerberry

  • Elect Her
  • Women’s Leadership Academy

Connection, Development & Arts Chair-Sarah-Grace Battles

  • Connection with University partners
  • Art Project Development
  • Lunafest

Women's Action Council Facilitator/Women’s Center Liaison-Harlee Milligan

  • Women’s Action Council
  • Service Officer
  • Feminist Appreciation Day

Violence Against Women Chair-Emily Wagner

  • RAINN Day
  • Take Back the Night
  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes
  • Transform UTC

Community Chair-Brooke Dangerfield

  • Community Investment
  • Social Media/Advertising
  • National Girls and Women in Sports Day