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Will you Transform UTC?

Transform UTC has launched!

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Transform UTC is a power-based violence education and outreach program intended to transform the culture of UTC by challenging students to be activist against the devaluing of and violence against the feminine, sexism, and victim blaming, which all leads to power-based violence. In compliance with the Campus SaVE Act, Transform UTC will provide primary prevention education including bystander intervention strategies, definitions of consent in sexual relationships,  definitions of offenses and how to report, and risk reduction strategies.  This mandatory education launched its first year to all incoming freshman this fall. Students will begin the education their freshman year and get additional education each subsequent year.


Learning Objectives


  1. Students will demonstrate increased knowledge of power-based violence.
  2. Students will define consent in sexual relationships.
  3. Students will identify bystander intervention strategies.
  4. Students will identify risk reduction strategies.
  5. Students will identify and differentiate reporting options.