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Walker Center for Teaching & Learning Services

  • Individual, small group, department consultation on teaching and learning, curriculum and instructional design, assessment and evaluation, and the integration of technology into teaching and learning
  • Classroom observation
  • Seminars on teaching, learning, the use of technology in the classroom, assessment, and evaluation
  • Collection of materials (books, journals, videos, articles, etc.) on teaching, learning and technology.
  • Maintenance of faculty laboratory with computers, software applications, printers, scanners, etc. for the creation and design of educational teaching materials
  • New faculty and adjunct orientation programs
  • Faculty technology training for teaching and learning
  • Coordinate, facilitate, and otherwise support training and development for faculty to appropriately and effectively integrate technology tools for courses
  • Ensure compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools core requirements and comprehensive standards listed in the Principles of Accreditation
  • Manage and provide technical support for UTC Learn systems for academic support
  • Technical support for distance learning classrooms, Mediasite, Adobe Connect, and Skype

WCTL Data (based on academic year):



2012 2011 2010 2009
Total Number of Seminars Offered 463 175 378 306 208
Total Number of Seminar Contact Hours Offered  861.25 281.25 537.50 426.50 350.75
Seminar Attendance  2,360 1,017 1,380 994 1,028
Total Seminar Contact Hours 5,527.25 2,460.50 2,250.75 2,166 2,235.75
Number of Consultations  2,196 2,230 2,426 2,359 1,833
Total Consultation Hours  1,228.70 1,083.80 1,238.60 1,180.60 947.15
Number of Faculty/Staff Reports Generated (calendar year)  498 320 330 269 data not available


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