Digital Literacy Workshop Resources

ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS•S) and Performance Indicators for Students

Wiki, Blogs, Web Sites

Evaluating Web Sites

LoTI (Levels of Technology Integration)

Online Tools

Social Media

Digital Natives • Millennial Generation Information

Timer Movies

Games Templates, Collection 1

Student Videos: Video score sheet/rubric (pdf)

Student Response Systems (basic info)

NOTE: There are many other systems besides the ones listed here. Search for classroom response systems or student response systems.

Creating smaller URLs: BitlyTinyURL • shortURL • metamark • (NOTE: There are many other web sites that do this. This list is just a sample.)

Adsit presentation on digital literacy

Presentation Tools

Document Sharing/Storage

Screen Capture

Artistic Creation

Audio & Video Resources Used

  • Playing for a change:  Stand by me:
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  • Wilson, J. (2006).  A ma place.  Personal communication.
  • King, B.B. (1990).  Thrill is gone. On Live from San Quentin.  New York, NY:  MCA Records.
  • Perkins, C. & Friends (Clapton, E., Harrison, G., Starr, R., & Edmunds, D).  (1085).  Maybelline.  On Blue Suede Shoes: Rockabilly session.  UK:  Snapper Classics.
  • Landrum, D. (2000).  Opposites.  On Questions in the Calm.  Chattanooga, TN:
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Articles, Online Resources Related to Digital Literacy